How to Find 1k+ B2B Affiliate Partners & Publishers

Discover effective strategies for finding over 1,000 B2B affiliate partners and publishers. Learn how to expand your network and boost your business growth.
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By Nick Cotter
Updated Jan 10, 2024

How to Find 1k+ B2B Affiliate Partners & Publishers
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Attracting top-notch affiliates is crucial to the success of any B2B affiliate program. But let's face it, with so many programs out there, it can be tough to stand out and get the best partners on board. 

That's why we've put together the ultimate list of B2B affiliate recruitment tactics. You can leverage all of these strategies in combination to find out 1,000 prospective b2b affiliate programs for your company.

These strategies are tried and true, and will help you bring in the big players who can drive serious revenue for your business. So grab a drink, get comfy, and let's dive in to how you can level up your affiliate game.


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11+ Methods to Recruit 1,000+ B2B Affiliate Partners:

1. Competitor affiliate partners.

Image of competitor affiliate recruitment

Look into the affiliate programs of your competitors and get in touch with their partners to see if they'd be interested in promoting your product as well. 

This might be a terrific technique to locate potential affiliates who are knowledgeable about the market and seeking out new goods to advertise.

You may rapidly create a network of affiliates to help you boost sales and expand your business by contacting these partners. Just be sure to approach these partners professionally and give them all the information they require to decide whether to advertise your product.

2. Google your “high-value” B2B search queries.

Image of Google search affiliate

Google your "high-value" B2B search queries: Identify the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for and then research websites that rank highly for those keywords. These websites may be potential affiliate partners.

For example. If you’re “high value” search query is “VPN software”, start by searching this across Google for media websites.

You’ll start to be able to curate a list of prospective b2b affiliates this way.

Image of list of b2b affiliates

3. 3rd party B2B affiliate networks.

Image of b2b affiliate network, PartnerStack

Utilize existing B2B affiliate networks to find potential partners. These networks are a great way to connect with a wide range of affiliates and can help you quickly build a network of affiliates for your progam.

4. Affiliate program listing directories.

List your affiliate program on directories that specialize in connecting businesses with affiliates. This will make it easier for potential partners to find your program and learn more about what you have to offer.

Image of b2b affiliate program directorya

When reaching out to prospective affiliate program listing directories, if they’re an affiliate, you may need to offer up some form of commission or sponsored placement fee.

5. Tap into affiliate agency & consultant networks.

Image of b2b affiliate agency

Work with affiliate agencies and consultants to help you find and recruit the best affiliates. These agencies usually have a network of b2b affiliate partnerships already built-up, so they’re more easily able to hit the ground running with b2b affiliate recruitment.

6. Reverse engineer other B2B Affiliate Programs.

Image of B2B affiliate link identification

Examine the affiliate programs of your rivals and other well-established companies in your sector to see what tactics they are employing to draw in and keep affiliates.

This can inspire you to create your own affiliate program and point out industry best practices. You can start by figuring out whether affiliates are involved in other B2B affiliate programs, and then examine the links they employ to market their goods. 

This will help you understand the many incentives and promotions that they provide to affiliates, which can help you develop your own approach. Just remember to always abide by all applicable laws and ethical standards when carrying out this kind of research.

7. List your affiliate program in your website footer.

Make it easy for potential affiliates to find your program by listing it prominently on your website. This will help you build a network of affiliates more quickly and effectively.

8. Identify paid search affiliates.

Image of b2b paid search affiliates

Check out the image above.

If you’re quickly roaming the internet searching for the “best vpn”, you may not even have noticed all of the B2B affiliate partners advertising in Google Search.

These are called paid search affiliates. They use their budget to advertise across Google advertising properties, in turn driving traffic to your affiliate offer to receive a commission.

It’s a great strategy for some of the most competitive markets, but it must be approached with caution and a complimentary strategy to your internal paid search strategy.

9. Identify YouTubers.

Image of b2b YouTuber

But, are YouTubers considered affiliates?

Sure they are!

Many YouTubers work across several different compensation models; sponsorships, paid reviews, and pay per performance.

Within B2B, this is still such an untapped channel for finding content creators to join your B2B affiliate program.

We won’t go into all of the details about how to find YouTubers because we have this full post on finding YouTubers to work with.

10. Reach out to B2B influencers.

Identify influencers in your industry who have a large following on social media or run popular blogs. 

These influencers can be powerful advocates for your brand, and they can help you reach a large, engaged audience. 

To reach out to B2B influencers, you can use tools like Grin to find influencers in your industry, and then reach out to them through social media or email to introduce your brand and your affiliate program.

When reaching out, be sure to provide the influencer with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to promote your product, and be sure to offer them a generous commission for any sales they drive through their referral link.

11. Attend industry affiliate events.

Attending affiliate events and conferences is a great way to network with potential partners and learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry. 

This will give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential affiliates and build relationships with them. You can also use these events to showcase your product and educate potential affiliates about your affiliate program.

And That’s How You Recruit B2B Affiliate Partners.

And there you have it folks - the ultimate list of B2B affiliate recruitment tactics. It's time to put these strategies into action and give your program the boost it deserves. 

Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box - after all, the goal is to stand out from the crowd and attract the best partners.

With these tactics in your back pocket, you're well on your way to success.

So go forth, hustle hard, and happy affiliate recruiting! And as always, stay curious and keep on brewing.

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