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TinyURL makes it easy to shorten, share and track links. When you're sharing a link on social media, you probably want it to be as short as possible. That's where TinyURL comes in. It allows you to take a long URL and convert it into a shorter one—one that doesn't have all those extra letters and numbers that nobody wants to type out.

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ClickMeter is a link tracking software that can be used by affiliates, marketing agencies, advertisers, and publishers to track their unique tracking links and monitor traffic and marketing campaigns.

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LinkTrackr is a link tracking software for building and managing your own link-building campaigns. It allows you to monitor backlinks from all the major search engines and social media sites, including Google, Bing, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Rebrandly is a platform that allows you to create and manage branded links. Rebrandly links can be created in any language, and they can be used for any purpose—for example, you could create a branded link to your website or Facebook page, or share a link to an article on your blog.

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Bitly is a link shortener and link tracking software that can make any link easy to share. It's great for social media, email, and even your own website. You can create an account for free and then create short links for any website you want. The links are shortened using Bitly's own code or you can use your own code if you have one. You can also use their analytics to see how many people are clicking on your links and where they came from.

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Voluum is a link tracking software that helps you see what's working in your marketing campaigns, and where the money is coming from. It's a great tool for managing affiliate programs, too, since it shows you what affiliates are performing well and giving you the most return on investment.