Meet the Authors

The authors of the marketing blog, Growann, are experienced professionals with a passion for delivering valuable insights and guidance to the partnership and marketing community.

Elizabeth Garcia

Product Marketing Manager

Elizabeth (Liz) Garcia is a product marketing manager at Pandium, an integration platform for B2B SaaS. She finds joy in breaking down complex ideas into comprehensible, digestible pieces. Storytelling is her superpower, and she enjoys talking to users, understanding the challenges technology addresses, and communicating solutions and value propositions across different channels.

Her particular topics of interests include technology partnerships, integrations, and strategies for SaaS ecosystem growth.

Nick Cotter

Founder & CEO

With over 7 years navigating the intricate realms of marketing, and specifically B2B partner marketing, Nick has forged collaborations with top-tier tech brands, prominent agencies, and some of the industry's foremost B2B publishers and content creators. His deep immersion in both marketing landscapes showcases a trajectory of expertise and innovation. Identifying a significant void in specialized resources, he founded Growann.

The aspiration? Deliver unparalleled insights and guidance, carving out a dedicated space where the broader marketing and B2B partner marketing communities can flourish.