Affiliate Program Set-Up

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How we set-up your affiliate program.

To build an affiliate program that aligns with your business objectives, designed to enhance your brand's market presence and drive sales.

Affiliate Platform Selection

With a plethora of affiliate marketing platforms available, finding the right fit can be daunting. We offer expert guidance on selecting platforms that best suit your industry, target audience, and budget, ensuring your program starts on the right foot.

Program Terms and Conditions

The backbone of a successful affiliate program lies in its terms and conditions. We help you develop clear, fair, and motivating terms to protect your brand while encouraging affiliates to perform their best.

Commission Structure Design

Attract and retain high-quality affiliates with a competitive and attractive commission structure. We assist in creating a rewarding system that motivates affiliates to generate more sales, ensuring mutual success.

Affiliate Tools and Resources

Empower your affiliates with all the tools they need for success. From creative assets to promotional materials, we provide a comprehensive suite of resources to help your affiliates promote your products or services effectively.

Tracking and Reporting Setup

Understanding the performance of your affiliate program is crucial. We integrate advanced tracking solutions to monitor affiliate activities, sales, and commission payouts accurately, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Affiliate Recruitment Strategy

Beyond setting up your program, we assist in recruiting motivated affiliates and fostering strong relationships with them. This includes outreach strategies and engagement programs to keep your affiliates active and successful.

A look inside our partnership

We're an open book. By sharing insights into both the successes and challenges of our affiliate marketing efforts, we aim to foster ongoing growth and strengthen our partnerships. Our focus is not just on immediate gains but on the sustainable development of your affiliate channel."
No matter the platform, we'll support you.
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“I've worked with Nick for years and I can say he is one of the smartest guys in the affiliate marketing space.”
Casey Armstrong
Chief Marketing Officer

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