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Image of VYPER logo

VYPER is one of the best giveaway software on the market. With it, you can create a stunning giveaway or viral contest and grow your email list and social media followers. You can make your giveaways mobile-optimized so that they look great on all devices. They make it easy for people to enter by allowing them to share on social media or enter their email address—and those who share win additional prizes! VYPER also gives you analytics so you can track how many people are entering and where they're coming from.

Image of Referral SaaSquatch logo

SaaSquatch is a powerful loyalty & referral software built for technology companies. Their application will help you increase app engagement and retention, as well as boost lifetime value for your customers by rewarding them with points for using your app. SaaSquatch will also give you the ability to reward your users for referring friends, family or colleagues to use your app. SaaSquatch also lets you reward your customers for referring new customers to your business by giving them a percentage of their friend's purchase! This can be a great way to incentivize people who may not have been interested in buying from you before, but now that they know someone else who has had a good experience with you will be more willing to give it a try themselves. With SaaSquatch you can send push notifications to users from within the app reminding them of upcoming rewards they have earned, giving them an incentive to keep coming back.

Image of ReferralMagic logo

ReferralMagic is a referral tracking software made for SaaS companies. It was designed to help companies make more sales by tracking referrals, but it also has some other useful features. The software is available as a full-time, monthly subscription. There are no contracts or commitments, so you can cancel at any time with no penalty. The software is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive walkthrough that will guide you through setting up your account and getting started right away. It's also user-friendly so that you don't need any special training or skills in order to learn how to use it effectively.

Image of Referral Factory logo

Referral Factory is one of the top referral software of choice for marketers, small businesses and medium-sized businesses. Their referral tools offer everything you need to build an effective referral program, including customizable campaigns, automated email marketing and customer engagement, social media integration and more. They help companies drive sales through their customers by providing a simple way to create and track referrals. Their software solution is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough for even the most complex needs. The Referral Factory team has been working with businesses large and small to help them increase sales and customer loyalty by using their referral marketing platform. They've developed a reputation for being innovative and creative as well as having a deep understanding of how to get results fast.

Image of Referral Candy logo

ReferralCandy is the easiest way to power referral marketing programs for your online store. With ReferralCandy, you can give your customers a chance to win rewards when they refer friends to your store, turn customers into brand advocates by rewarding them for spreading the word about your products, and of course, drive more sales and repeat purchases by making it easy for shoppers to share their purchases with friends through social networks or email. ReferralCandy allows you to create a custom referral program that fits your brand and helps you gain new customers.

Image of InviteReferrals logo

InviteReferrals is a word-of-mouth referral system that allows you to reward your customers for inviting their friends to your website or app. Their software makes it easy to track referrals and rewards in real time, so you can see how many invites have been sent out, who's been invited and what they've done on your site. You can also invite users by email or SMS message directly from inside the app. If you're looking for a way to generate more sales, signups or email list subscribers then InviteReferrals is what you need. With invite referrals you can easily create a referral program that will help you achieve all these goals in no time.

Image of Genius Referrals logo

Genius Referrals is one of the best referral software that provides end-to-end solutions for all of your referral marketing needs. The team at Genius Referrals has worked hard to create a product that will undoubtedly help you grow your business through referrals. The software was designed with simplicity in mind, so you can get started right away without any fuss. It's easy to set up and even easier to manage. You can easily share referral links, manage your campaigns, and track growth.

Image of Friendbuy logo

Friendbuy is one of the top referral marketing platforms built for growth. It's easy to set up, and it integrates with your existing CRM, website, or email platform. You can also use it to incentivize customers to refer their friends and family by offering points that can be redeemed for cash or products—the choice is yours! Also, their platform doesn't just stop at referral -- they also provide a way to create a loyalty program for your customer base. And when it comes to getting started with Friendbuy, there are no long-term contracts or commitments! You can sign up for as little as a month at a time, and only pay for what you need—which means less hassle and more profits.

Image of Extole logo

Extole is one of the industry-leaders when it comes to customer lead marketing solutions. Extole helps their clients use their existing customers to grow their business by offering referral programs, influencer marketing, and other tools that facilitate word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Their solutions are designed to be easy to use and simple to implement—no coding or programming required. Whether you're in retail, membership & loyalty, or the financial sector, the Extole platform can help you turn customers into long-term brand advocates.