Best Affiliate Onboarding Welcome Email Templates & Examples

Discover effective affiliate onboarding email templates and examples to help you welcome new affiliates and boost program engagement. Learn more now.
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Updated Jan 10, 2024

Best Affiliate Onboarding Welcome Email Templates & Examples
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Welcome your new affiliates onboard with the perfect email template! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned affiliate program manager, having the right onboarding emails can make a huge difference. With our 7+ examples, you can quickly and easily create emails that will get your affiliates off and running quickly and help you maximize your sales. Get the most out of your affiliate program today!

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What is an Affiliate Onboarding Email?

An affiliate onboarding email is an email sent to new affiliates that helps them get started quickly and easily. It should include essential information about how to sign up, how to access the affiliate platform, how to set up tracking, and what resources are available to them. It should also include helpful tips and tricks, such as how to choose the right affiliate products and how to optimize their affiliate links. Lastly, it should thank them for joining and let them know how much you value them as a partner. An effective affiliate onboarding email should be brief, informative, and encouraging, and should serve as an introduction to the affiliate program. By providing this information up front, you will set yourself up for success with your new affiliates and help them get started on the right foot.

How do you Write an Affiliate Onboarding Email?

Writing an effective affiliate onboarding email involves the following steps:

1. Personalize the greeting.

Start the email with a personalized greeting, addressing the affiliate by name. This helps to establish a friendly and personal tone and makes the email feel more genuine.

2. Thank the affiliate for joining.

Express your appreciation for the affiliate joining your program and confirm their acceptance into the program.

3. Provide program details.

Include important details such as commission rates, cookie duration, average earnings per click (EPC), and conversion tracking reports. This will help the affiliate understand the financial benefits of the program and how they can maximize their earnings.

4. Offer support and resources.

Let the affiliate know that you are available to support them and provide them with any resources they may need, such as affiliate dashboard, affiliate links, marketing tips to promote your products to their audience, and where to find ads they can use to place on their website. This will help the affiliate feel more confident in promoting your products and services.

5. Provide next steps.

Give the affiliate next steps on how to get started, such as how to access their affiliate dashboard, how to set up tracking links, and how to access marketing materials.

How Can you Send an Affiliate Onboarding Email?

There are several ways to send an affiliate onboarding email:


You can compose the email in an email client, such as Gmail or Outlook, and manually enter the email addresses of each affiliate. This method is best for small numbers of affiliates.

Using an email marketing service: 

You can use an email marketing service, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, to create and send the email to your affiliate list. These services allow you to create and save email templates, segment your list, and track engagement metrics.

Using an affiliate management software: 

Some affiliate management software, such as Post Affiliate Pro or iDevAffiliate, include email functionality that allows you to send onboarding and other types of emails to your affiliates. This method is best for larger numbers of affiliates and provides more advanced features such as automating the process, tracking and managing the affiliates.

Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to make sure you have the correct email addresses for each affiliate and that you are following any laws or guidelines regarding email marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act.

10 Affiliate Onboarding Email Templates & Examples:

1. The Standard Onboarding.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 1

2. Let's Get Started.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 2

3. Get Ready to Earn.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 3

4. Ready, Set, Earn.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 4

5. Welcome to the Team.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 5

6. Next Steps.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 6

7. Ready to Promote.

Image of affiliate onboarding email template 7

Wrapping up Affiliate Onboarding Email Templates.

In conclusion, onboarding new affiliate partners is an important step in building a successful affiliate program. A well-crafted onboarding email can provide new affiliates with the information and resources they need to get started, and can help set expectations for the partnership.

It's important to include key details such as commission rates, cookie duration, and access to resources such as affiliate dashboards and marketing materials. Personalization, clear instructions, and a friendly tone will help to establish a positive relationship with new affiliates from the start.

As always, it is important to follow any laws or guidelines regarding email marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act, and to tailor your onboarding emails to your specific affiliate program and include all the necessary information.

By following these steps, you can ensure that new affiliates feel welcomed and supported, and are able to hit the ground running in promoting your products and services.

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