9+ Best Affiliate Marketing Landing Page & Website Examples

Learn from the best affiliate marketing landing page and website examples. Improve your own strategies and conversions with these top tips.
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By Nick Cotter
Updated Jan 10, 2024

9+ Best Affiliate Marketing Landing Page & Website Examples
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For this article, we’re going to focus on affiliate marketing landing pages, specifically for brands who run affiliate programs.

These are landing pages provided by the brand, shared with affiliate partners to drive traffic and convert into sales.

This is one of the core components of a successful affiliate program.

Your affiliates are sending traffic from their blog, social media, paid advertising, etc.

But you (both) want it to convert into sales! (Easier said than done)

Below, we’re going to share how to create a compelling affiliate landing page, and some great examples in the wild I really enjoy.

Let’s begin.

Disclaimer: If you’re an affiliate marketer (run your own blog), have a look at this YouTube video by Narrato for affiliate marketing landing page ideas, specifically for you! Stick around though – there may be some inspiration in the below examples ;)


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What is an Affiliate Landing Page?

An affiliate marketing landing page is a page hosted on a brand owners website (be it B2B or B2C) with the goal of converting traffic driven by affiliates into sales.

It’s usually a page that’s dedicated to affiliate partners, maybe with a percentage off discount, or co-branded page.

You can also find brands sending traffic directly to their product pages, which we’d still consider to be a “landing page”.

These landing pages are designed to provide a seamless user experience. They often include persuasive copy and compelling visuals.

The goal is to encourage visitors to take action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. By optimizing these pages, brands can maximize their conversion rates and boost their affiliate marketing efforts.

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Landing Page:

Now, onto the good stuff.

How to exactly create an affiliate landing page.

There are several steps, and of course, this is not the only way to follow, but it’s the method I’ve used for years – and it’s worked quite well! 🙂

Below, we share an example of B2B, but if you’re a B2C brand a lot of these similar concepts can be applied to your company.

1. Pick out a landing page builder.

First step is to choose a landing page builder for this page. This is where you’ll build out the components of your landing page and tell the product story.

Here are a few options you have in this step:

  • Build the page yourself through your CMS (website)
  • Purchase a dedicated landing page builder (Leadpages, etc.)
  • Hire an outside developer/designer to build the page (Expensive!)

2. Put together a wireframe.

In this step, I’ve found it to be really helpful to build out a wireframe before drafting up copy for the page.

A wireframe is basically a skeleton of your page.

How you want it designed, the user flow, actions you want the user to take, etc.

Example page of a wireframe
Example page of a wireframe

Here are a few options you have in this step:

  • The old pencil and page sketch! (I still do this and it’s helpful)
  • Work with a designer to draft up the page design.
  • Work with a 3rd party tool like Figma or Sketch (Also very helpful, and inexpensive)

3. Come up with a clear and compelling headline.

Image of a clear and compelling headline for affiliate marketing landing page

A headline for your landing page is the most important piece of content on the page.


Because it is the first thing visitors will read when landing on the page.

You have only a few seconds to convince them to continue to read, and of course, that they’ve landed in the right place.

In the example above, affiliates of the brand are directing their users to a page about “fulfillment”, likely coming from blog articles around “Best fulfillment providers”.

Though, I dol feel the headline can be more compelling, users are not confused by the offering as they were likely in the market for a fulfillment provider for their ecommerce business.

4. Generate engaging and persuasive copy.

Image of engaging and persuasive copy for affiliate marketing landing page

Your landing page copy?

Think of it as a conversation with your visitors.

It’s about drawing them in, making them feel understood, and guiding them to the action you want—be it signing up or sealing the deal.

Paint them a picture of all of their problems, resonate with them, and explain why your solution will help to solve everything.

5. A strong and relevant call-to-action.

The CTA isn't just about telling your visitors what to do; it’s about reinforcing why they should do it.

A compelling CTA echoes the benefits, making it clear what visitors stand to gain by taking action.

Your CTA should be clear as day.

Make this process absolutely seamless.

6. Provide social proof.

Image of social proof for affiliate marketing landing page

I recommend every landing page have some form of social proof.

People want opinions, advice from others who have already gone through the experience.

They want reassurance your brand can be trusted.

Because the thing is, they may have just met your brand! They have no idea about your offering, service, or product quality.

If you provide customer testimonials, you’re helping them to make a more informed decision in trusting your brand (because others have before).

7. A simple and user-friendly design.

Image of simple and user friendly design or affiliate marketing landing page

Keep. It. Simple.

I’m a huge proponent of the “less is more” mentality when it comes to design.

The more information you stuff on a page, the more overwhelmed and confused your audience may get.

Keep things uncluttered, with minimal text if possible.

8. Additional offering (if applicable).

In addition to other elements of your landing page, you should also include some form of discount or alternative offering for your affiliate partner’s audience (if applicable).

Adding an additional “carrot” to hook visitors is always another great value add.

Whether this is a discount, free shipping, or another incentive your brand can offer, it may help to improve conversion rate of your affiliate landing page.

Just remember: If you’re going to add an additional discount, you want to take into account all of your fees associated with acquiring this customer through the affiliate channel; network fee, affiliate fee, payment processing fee, etc.

9. Pricing (If applicable).

image of pricing for affiliate marketing landing page

Pricing is a crucial piece of information that may aid prospective clients in making an educated choice regarding a good or service.

Including price on your affiliate landing page will help you build trust and transparency with potential consumers by giving them the knowledge they need to decide whether the product or service fits within their budget.

9 Best Examples of Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages:

Now, here are some affiliate landing pages I’ve seen in the wild I really enjoy.

Most of them are clear in design, simple, yet effective headline and a very clear call to action.

1. ExpressVPN.

Express VPN Affiliate landing page
Express VPN Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Big title text–easy to read
  • Clearly visible CTA
  • Reassurance “30-day money back guarantee”

2. NordVPN.

NordVPN Affiliate landing page
NordVPN Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Stating their #1 VPN on the market – confident, but I’ll see for myself…
  • Offering a “limited promotion”
  • Also offering a 30-day money back gurantee

3. BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Beautiful blue background mixes well with the rest of the brand colors and text.
  • Demonstrating social proof by providing customer logos above the fold
  • Free trial offering to get people to convert

4. Ember.

Ember Affiliate landing page
Ember Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Great product photograph that really catches the eye (color red really pops, and I’m sure this color choice was quite intentional)
  • 4.5 stars from ~7,000 customers! Social proof!
  • Seems like an expensive mug, what if you break it? Well, they also offer a 2-year protection plan to reassure you.

5. Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Affiliate landing page
Pipedrive Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • BIG headline text on white background–so easy to read and minimal words too 🙂
  • Free for 30 days offering
  • Product screenshots clear as day!

6. Unbounce.

Unbounce Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • 20% discount code provided to the audience
  • Also, on top of the discount they provide a 14-free trial
  • Lastly, love the BIG headline text on the white background

7. Allbirds.

Allbirds Affiliate landing page
Allbirds Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Great product photography
  • “Free shipping” offering is clear right next to the price

8. HubSpot.

HubSpot Affiliate landing page
HubSpot Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • BIG headline text that sticks out on a nice blue background.
  • Free? Well in that case it’s minimal risk for me to try HubSpot out

9. Monday.com.

Monday Affiliate landing page
Monday Affiliate landing page

Why I like this page:

  • Big headline title, easy to read.
  • They show different types of buyer personas visitors can choose from for their product offering.
  • Clear CTA in purple that stands out

Wrapping up the Best Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages.

Drawing our exploration to a close, it's apparent that the anatomy of an effective affiliate marketing landing page is quite nuanced.

Think of these pages as the storefront of your digital market.

The design? It should be visually appealing yet uncluttered. That's your aesthetic draw.

Your content should echo clarity, laying bare the specifics of the product or service. Think of this as your store description, enticing visitors to explore further.

And those essential calls-to-action? Consider them your store attendants, guiding visitors to make a purchase or sign up.

To drive this home, here's a practical takeaway:

  • Always prioritize clear design and direct CTAs.
  • Ensure content clarity — spell out the offer.
  • Mobile optimization isn't an afterthought; it's a necessity.

By channeling these insights, affiliate marketers can sculpt landing pages that don’t just attract, but genuinely convert.

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