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PartnerStack‎ Reviews and Product Information.

What is PartnerStack‎?

PartnerStack is one of the best platforms for building a partnership channel, but it’s built explicitly for B2B SaaS companies. This is one of my favorite PRM solutions because it allows you to grow your partnership channel in different directions. Their platform helps B2B businesses to recruit all kinds of partners, whether that’s an agency, reseller, influencers, affiliates, etc. Also, PartnerStack has the most straightforward, easy-to-understand, and clean product designs I have seen within the space.

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About PartnerStack‎ and Our Ratings:

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Best Alternatives to PartnerStack‎:

PartnerStack‎'s Top Software Integrations:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier

Key Features of PartnerStack‎:

  • Automate Your Partner Recruitment: PartnerStack provides businesses with the tools needed to fully automate recruitment, which is a vital part of a successful partner program. By using PartnerStack, you will recruit channel partners into your program while rewarding them automatically for the conversion they make. This way, your partners, as well as you, will get to generate more revenue. The process is counter-wise, and everyone gets to benefit from it. Besides, this feature also helps build a scalable method to engage with your partners.
  • Custom Onboarding For Every Partner: How many times have you forgotten to generate essential notification emails to your partners? It has happened way too many times. But worry not, as this will not occur with PartnerStack. PartnerStack enables you to organize custom onboarding for each partner of yours, so you’re able to set everyone up for success within the relationship.
  • Exact Payout Timings: PartnerStack has another fantastic feature of automating your partner's payout based on their performance. There's no need to remember dates and timings; you just have to leave all the work onto PartnerStack. There's nothing to worry about! Whether you are thinking of delivering a bonus to your partner or just want them to have the intended revenue, partner stack will do it all for you. PartnerStack automatically generates your partner's shares and pays them out on time.

Major Benefits of Using the PartnerStack‎ Software:

  • Straightforward to use interface.
  • Seamless integration process.
  • Marketplace that provides program exposure.

Drawbacks With Using PartnerStack‎:

  • Pricing is at the higher end of the prm software space.
  • They have a massive partnership network, but you cannot reach out to prospective marketplace partners directly through the platform.
  • They lack the ability to analyze granular SaaS metrics within the dashboard reporting.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product, features and costs.

What Does PartnerStack do, and How do You Use it?

The PartnerStack platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform that allows companies to easily create and manage their partner programs such as channel, referral, affiliate, and influencer programs. Many companies use the PartnerStack platform for the following reasons: Creating branded co-branded portal pages to capture leads from referrers or other channels without having them leave your existing website. Managing all aspects of the referral program from tracking links, and emailing referrals to approving new partners. Integrating with existing systems like MailChimp, GitLab, and Salesforce for a seamless user experience.PartnerStack contains the core features required for any Partner Program with the ability to integrate with your existing systems. PartnerStack is a platform that enables you to build and manage your entire partnership strategy. Use the PartnerStack platform to: Manage your partners and payouts in one place create customized experiences for partners motivate partners with contests, leaderboards, and gamification provide partners with branded marketing assets (for example, swag), and track their usage integrated PartnerStack with other tools in your stack, like your CRM or marketing automation platform. Create a branded co-branded portal for your partners to share with their prospects and customers. Partners can use the portal to track their performance. Partners can share the portal with prospects and customers. Partners can access resources and collateral within the portal. Partners can access training within the portal.

What does PartnerStack‎ Software Cost?

There are lots of options for different plans, which are customized to each businesses’ needs. You will typically need to have a conversation with someone at PartnerStack to obtain a quote.

Does PartnerStack‎ have an affiliate network?

PartnerStack does have an affiliate network for you to reach out to prospective affiliates. They have a well established network with 60,000+ publishers, affiliates, influencers, and agencies, but you cannot reach out directly to them through the platform.

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