7+ Best Channel Partner Portal Software in 2022

Are you looking for the best partner portal software solution? The right portal is a critical aspect of having a successful partner program. Suppose you're in the business of selling products and selling them through resellers, partners, or distributors. In that case, you need to ensure they have proper access to sales documentation, resources, payments, tracking, and so much more – through their partner portal. Below, we’ll share some of the leading channel partner portals on the market, but note, that this space is multiplying and new players are coming to light quickly. We've created this comparison page for channel managers to provide an overview of the best partner portal software and share our reviews.

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Everflow is a Partner Marketing platform for managing your partnerships, tracking all marketing channels, and amplifying your performance.
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Kiflo is one of the leading partner management solutions for SMBs. With the Kiflo platform, you can run all different kinds of partner programs, from affiliate, referral, to reseller partnerships.
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What is the Best Channel Partner Portal Software?

Channel partner portals can be a source of frustration for channel partners and managers if not set up correctly or lacks some of the key features needed to be successful. No one wants to deal with a buggy or complicated partner portal. It's time to find the best channel partner portal software in our list below.

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Growann's Software Review:
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PartnerPortal.io is a web-based application that software companies and agencies can use to manage their partners. Through PartnerPortal.io, you can track your onboard partners, register leads, distribute commissions, create co-marketing materials, send messages—and so much more. PartnerPortal.io can serve as both a PRM solution and an easy-to-use partner portal for your partners to access on a regular basis.

  • Register Partners
  • Commission tracking
  • Analytics
  • They provide a simple to use interface so you can get up and running with a partner program within a days time.
  • Their pricing model is lower than other competitors so it makes it attrative to smaller businesses.
  • Having the ability to message partner directly within the interface is a huge bonus.
  • It can be confusing how to manually add partners into your dashboard at first.
  • They don't have the ability to provide partners with tracking links yet.
  • Their UI could use some improvements in comparison to their competitors.
  • Pricing for PartnerPortal.io can vary greatly depending on what types of features and needs your team is looking for. That said, their pricing can range from $0/month up to $999/month.
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Growann's Software Review:
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PartnerStack is one of the best platforms for building a partnership channel, but it’s built explicitly for B2B SaaS companies. This is one of my favorite PRM solutions because it allows you to grow your partnership channel in different directions. Their platform helps B2B businesses to recruit all kinds of partners, whether that’s an agency, reseller, influencers, affiliates, etc. Also, PartnerStack has the most straightforward, easy-to-understand, and clean product designs I have seen within the space.

  • Automate Your Partner Recruitment: PartnerStack provides businesses with the tools needed to fully automate recruitment, which is a vital part of a successful partner program. By using PartnerStack, you will recruit channel partners into your program while rewarding them automatically for the conversion they make. This way, your partners, as well as you, will get to generate more revenue. The process is counter-wise, and everyone gets to benefit from it. Besides, this feature also helps build a scalable method to engage with your partners.
  • Custom Onboarding For Every Partner: How many times have you forgotten to generate essential notification emails to your partners? It has happened way too many times. But worry not, as this will not occur with PartnerStack. PartnerStack enables you to organize custom onboarding for each partner of yours, so you’re able to set everyone up for success within the relationship.
  • Exact Payout Timings: PartnerStack has another fantastic feature of automating your partner's payout based on their performance. There's no need to remember dates and timings; you just have to leave all the work onto PartnerStack. There's nothing to worry about! Whether you are thinking of delivering a bonus to your partner or just want them to have the intended revenue, partner stack will do it all for you. PartnerStack automatically generates your partner's shares and pays them out on time.
  • Straightforward to use interface.
  • Seamless integration process.
  • Marketplace that provides program exposure.
  • Pricing is at the higher end of the prm software space.
  • They have a massive partnership network, but you cannot reach out to prospective marketplace partners directly through the platform.
  • They lack the ability to analyze granular SaaS metrics within the dashboard reporting.
  • ‎There are lots of options for different plans, which are customized to each businesses’ needs. You will typically need to have a conversation with someone at PartnerStack to obtain a quote, but overall, they are expected to range from $1,000+ per month.
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Growann's Software Review:
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Partnerhub is a first-of-its-kind partnerships operations platform for top SaaS and digital agencies. It's like a PRM in that you can manage your entire program from one place, but unlike most PRMs, your partners are also using it to manage their other partnerships. Partnerhub is a place where digital agencies and tech solutions come together to find, vet, deploy and enable as many partnerships as you can handle.

Most PRM's are great for two things; push communication like email blasts or distributing assets, and distributing commissions payouts. Partnerhub covers finding partners, activating them, ongoing communication, project collaboration, document sharing, one-time rewards, automated messaging / alerts, and tracking referrals. Along with integrations with top CRMs and Marketing Automation solutions, most users of Partnerhub find it to be a one-stop shop for their program success.

  • Finding new partners to grow your customer base doesn't have to be hard. Partnerhub helps you find new partners based on overlapping customer profiles with other companies in their network.
  • You can set up live co-marketing offers (guest blogs, webinars, etc.) to share with your partners to get the ball rolling with your partnerships.
  • Have headaches tracking partnership referrals? Partnerhub has taken care of this from lead submission to closed-won deal, every point in the referral journey is tracked.
  • In-platform chat feature to streamline communication between all of your partners.
  • Able to easily set up spiffs for your partners and payout whenever!
  • Partnership network to connect you with companies with similar customer profiles.
  • Not able to set up custom link tracking in the platform.
  • You need to handle all payouts, W9s, billing, etc. for your partners.
  • No branded landing pages to provide your partners.
  • Partnerhub provides customers with a free account to start and join their network.
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Growann's Software Review:
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Impact was founded in 2008 by a few founders who had extensive experience within the partnership marketing world. In fact, Impact makes managing your media and relationships with partners. It is explicitly designed for advertisers who want a better affiliate marketing platform. The Impact is a comprehensive automation platform that automates everything from tracking, nurturing, and engaging with customers to ensuring they are taken care of after purchase.

  • Tracking At Your Fingertips: The ability to track your partner's interaction is a big plus for the Impact program and a feature not always seen with partner programs. Tracking is a vital part of what is needed to maximize the value of a partner program. Impact is an advanced tool for tracking all interfaces, from desktop to mobile and, ultimately, mobile apps. Whether you're a web designer, mobile developer, or even a marketer, there is something for you here. Impact lets you get a clear picture of the actual results of a business partnership. With that information, you can better reward or penalize your partners.
  • Solid Migration Assistance: Impact is designed to conveniently and effectively transfer your information from one affiliate network to another. Your affiliate account will stay intact by managing a seamless transition, and your conversions will remain unchanged. Not only this, but it can also help you to migrate your existing affiliate programs. Impact allows you to set up new partner programs as they become available to your channel partners and expand them as necessary. Because Impact only focuses on technology, there are no conflicts of interest. Eventually, the service you get is out of the world!
  • Fraud Protection: Impact has a unique fraud detection technology that helps protect you from any fraudulent behavior from partners. In addition, Impact has a machine learning algorithm that can detect fraud, review your traffic, and evaluate your performance. The machine-learning algorithms used by Impact can detect spam and other suspicious activity, flagging the traffic as potentially malicious and allowing you to take appropriate action.
  • Massive variety of companies using the platform.
  • Supports CRM integration and migration services if needed.
  • Easy to manage thousands of partners at scale.
  • Typically require a 12-month contract commitment.
  • Custom integrations can take time if you do not have a developer on staff.
  • Influencer network features need a bit of work.
  • ‎Pricing is not specified on the site. You can ask for the quoted price and other deal registrations for a specific plan on their website.
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Growann's Software Review:
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Partner Fleet's turnkey marketplace platform makes it simple to launch with partners and boost participation. They help partner teams increase sales, connect and grow their programs, customers, and return on investment by creating interconnected microsites, partner marketplaces, and partner portals.

  • Partner directory
  • Partner portal
  • Partner microsite
  • You're able to easily build out a partner directory for your partners to customize.
  • Launch a partner microsite to show off your partnership programs and acquire new partners.
  • Provide your partner's development teams with a developer portals to collaborate together.
  • They're a newer application so there will likely be a few bugs to sort through.
  • No way to track deal flow and down funnel metrics.
  • They have a small customer service team today.
  • Pricing for Partnerfleet can vary greatly depending on what types of features and needs your team is looking for. That said, their pricing can range from free demo up to custom pricing.
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Growann's Software Review:
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Tune is a partner marketing management platform that helps businesses easily streamline recruitment, onboarding, and activation of high value business partners. Their PRM platform is trusted by hundreds of leading brands like Shopify, Groupon, Nord VPN because of the customized partner experience they allow their customers to build out for their partners. Through the Tune platform, you’ll be able to work smarter and build trust with your revenue driving partnerships.

  • Partners Program Customization: Tune can provide every kind of partner program according to your requirements. This is one of the key features often lacking at other partner relationship management platforms, but Tune has put this first when building the platform because they understand every program needs some form of customization. Tune also provides its users with a variety of partnerships. These partnerships might include influencers, publishers, media buyers, and many more other networks.
  • Tracking Solutions: Tune provides some of the most accurate tracking solutions. Through their platform, you can track, evaluate and improve the performance of your partners, all with just a few clicks. You can also have help for tracking from mobile measurement without SDK.
  • Partner Management Tools: Often finding the right partners for your business might not be an easy task for you, but Tune PRM, provide you with the necessary tools to build an effective outreach strategy. Their platform provides you the ability to easily automate workflows and payout partners with ease, so you can focus on the more strategic growth of the partner channel management.
  • Straightforward tracking process for CRM.
  • Open API for connecting to your tech stack, which is really important for seamless partner management.
  • Fantastic fraud protection technology.
  • Do not have access to robust affiliate network.
  • Customer success manager does not support you with the scale plan.
  • No affiliate network if you want to scale out an affiliate channel.
  • ‎Pricing can vary from $599+ per month. Additional deal registration might depend on each feature, and you can ask for the quoted price on their price.
Image of ‎Impartner PRM logo

‎Impartner PRM

Growann's Software Review:
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Impartner is a tool that helps organizations manage and track their relationships with their partners. It allows partners to manage their relationships in a centralized location and provides organizations with the ability to track and measure the effectiveness of their partnerships.The platform offers a range of features. These include tools to manage communication, agreements, and collaboration. Relationship management platforms can help partners better manage their relationships and improve communication, agreements, and cooperation.

  • Certification And Training: Impartner provides its users with thorough digital training. Even if you are not a beginner with their training and certification courses, you will understand all the criteria. Besides, these courses will create a better engaging environment among you and your ‎partners. The reason is that when your partners can understand what they are ‎up to, this way, they will work much more effectively.‎
  • Program Compliance Manager: This feature reduces the administration time by automating all the tasks you have to do manually. Some of the tasks included are calculating the revenue, assigning them tasks, and most importantly, setting up requirements for each task. Because of this feature, you will be able to say goodbye to those hectic tasks of sorting out every task by hand. Whatever requirements you place for each task will be shared with your partners simultaneously.
  • Multi-Module System: Using Impartner PRM, you can add as many module systems as you want. With Impartner, adding modules is simple, and it accelerates and grows the sales of your business channels. This classic web application provides several functionalities to manage all the aspects of working with a partner. These aspects might include the recruitment of the partners and evaluating the sales generated by them.
  • ‎The interface is easy to understand.
  • Modules are tremendous and have integrated SFDC.
  • Excellent customer service team that responds instantly.
  • Customization is a bit complex.
  • Pricing can be a bit higher than other platforms on the market.
  • No affiliate network if you want to scale out an affiliate channel.
  • ‎The price is expected to start from $2000 per month. However, they have different customized pricing plans for your business needs.
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What is a partner portal?

A partner portal is a software where you and your partnerships team can go to manage all of your company's partners and the information they've been sharing with you. You can use it to see who's been an active partner and what they're saying or to see which partners are interested in working with you.

What should a partner portal include?

A partner portal should include the following: 1) Commission tracking 2) Deal registration 3) Channel analytics 4) CRM integrations 5) Custom partner pages 6) Co-marketing features 7) Messaging System 8) Deal lifecycle monitoring.

What does a partner portal do?

A partner portal manages the relationships between you and your business partnerships. Partner portals help channel managers and partnership leaders recruit, onboard, activate, and retain their most valuable partners. A partner portal allows you to track commissions, track leads, share resources, launch co-marketing efforts, and analyze channel performance.

How do you make a partner portal?

You can hire developers to build a partner portal for your partners to use or you can leverage one of the existing partner portal software listed above. Purchasing a partner portal software will most likely save you money and headaches in the long run.

What is the difference between a customer and partner portal?

A customer portal is used for your customers to access their account information, whereas a partner portal is explicitly used for your business partners to collaborate with you. Customer portals can have highly sensitive and proprietary information that would only be accessible to you and your customer.

What do partner portals cost?

Partner portals can vary significantly in price depending on the complexity and features needed for the business. It also will depend on the number of seats your channel partnership team will need. Typically, partner portals can range from free, up to $3,000/month.

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