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What is Kademi?

Kademi is a truly versatile partner relationship management (PRM) and incentive management platform, supporting businesses who typically sell through resellers, these include software and tech companies, and real world economy companies like manufacturers and distributors who sell through retail partners.

Kademi hits the ground running as a robust, flexible, and code-free platform, perfectly suited for businesses wanting to scale, or with an established partner ecosystem. Their genius lies with helping customers solve complex partner requirements thanks to their configurable and modular tools, and create scalable automated sales workflows that drive growth.

Onboarding Kademi you’ll have at your fingertips a considerable range of capabilities to cherry pick from managing deals, to training and certifying partners, and creating incentive programs that drive sales. The Kademi product team has also fully embraced AI, incorporated a co-pilot into their admin console to help customers, and a portal assistant to help partners access information in real-time.

Kademi has been operating for over a decade, and is trusted by leading partners and software buyers globally, including Samsung, OPPO, Keboola and Aiimi.

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Kademi Platform Features

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Growann's View

Our opinion on Kademi

Kademi distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing and formidable partner relationship management (PRM) solution, seamlessly combining a channel incentive management (CIM) capability. 

Kademi will certainly meet the expectations of any B2B organization wanting a customizable solution that addresses their requirements for a partner channel program. Recognizing the diversity of businesses with a partner ecosystem, Kademi supports tech and software companies selling through resellers, and manufacturers and distributors selling through retailers.

What sets Kademi apart is its flexibility. In contrast to turnkey solutions constrained by what can be changed and customized, Kademi offers unparalleled adaptability. This is achieved through its modular design and code-free portal builder, helping its customers create a standout partner program that differentiates them in a competitive market.

Kademi has what you’d expect from a PRM, but goes the extra mile offering a suite of additional features designed to enhance the partner experience and drive growth. This includes a sales incentive feature-set that encourages partners to increase their sales or purchasing volumes, as well as a powerful learning management system (LMS) for training and certifying partners. Furthermore, Kademi's support for personalization also stands out for us, allowing for the dynamic delivery of different languages, content, and features tailored to specific roles within a partner's organization.

We also liked that Kademi started its journey selling through partners, giving them the experience and a deep understanding of the challenges many of their customers face.

Kademi is not just a tool, but a strategic asset for businesses looking to streamline their partner management processes, enhance partner engagement, and drive profitable growth through their channel programs.

What type of company would benefit from Kademi the most?

Their breadth of experience supporting manufacturers, distributors, and tech companies, has positioned Kademi as a truly agnostic PRM.

Companies that are in their growth stage, or who have an established partner ecosystem, would benefit the most from Kademi.

What we like:

  • Journey designer: Allows customers to build workflows that automatically nurtures partners to achieve program goals, and manage real-time communications. Their flow builder is visually appealing, making it easy to set up flows to help partners, admins, and sales reps with daily tasks and quickly move them along their partnership journeys. Easily one of our favorite features.
  • Deal Registration: With Kademi’s deal registration feature, you can onboard new partners and enable them to register deals easily. The dealer dashboard is highly customizable, showing metrics including; active deals, deals won, pending payouts, and so much more.
  • Sales Incentives: Build incentive programs for your channel partners to access within a secure partner portal. Add dynamic components showing progress towards targets, and leaderboards to stack-rank partner organizations or individuals. Kademi also goes the extra mile and not only calculates commission, they also offer tools to award points, set up rewards stores, and drop in games to ‘gamify’ the partner experience.
  • Reporting hierarchies: Often companies have complex sales hierarchies spanning sales rep regions down to a partner organization. We were impressed with how Kademi handles this requirement, ensuring a user only sees data in a report relating to where they sit in a hierarchy.

What we don't like:

  • You will need to research and recruit your own partners outside of their platform to join your program as they do not support a database of partners.
  • If you’re a new startup or small business with a tight budget, their solution likely won’t be the best fit for you. Their PRM solution is best suited to organizations that are wanting to scale or have an established partner ecosystem.
  • If you want to launch an affiliate program, or a simple referral program, you’d do better to use a point solution. Kademi is best suited for companies who want to support a much broader partner experience.

Unique product features:

  • Highly modular and configurable
  • Code-free portal builder with support for branding and themes 
  • Supports customizable partner workflows
  • Powerful B2B incentives and loyalty features
  • Robust channel partner training (LMS) features

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