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Kademi Reviews and Product Information.

What is Kademi?

Kademi is an all-in-one partner relationship management platform built for B2B organizations needing a highly customizable partner channel program. The team at Kademi knows to build a highly successful and profitable channel program, you need a partner management solution that’s seamless to set up and can be customized to the specific needs of your business – whether that’s a reseller, distributor, referral, or even affiliate partnership. Partnership leaders rejoice – The Kademi platform offers easy to use and code-free solutions with drag and drop partner portal editor, mitigating the time and resources needed from developers. The Kademi platform doesn’t end at a PRM solution – offering additional valuable features like its sales incentive software, an in-platform learning management solution, and commerce & payment handling from its extensive eco-system of modular features. It’s no wonder premier brands like OPPO and Zoetis trust the Kademi platform to power their partner channel programs.

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Kademi's Top Software Integrations:

  • XTRM
  • Shopify
  • Xero

Key Features of Kademi:

  • Partner portals
  • Deal registration
  • B2B loyalty
  • Sales incentive software
  • Channel partner training (LMS)
  • Partner onboarding & Enablement

Major Benefits of Using the Kademi Software:

  • K-Journey: Kademi “K-Journeys,” also known as workflows, allow organizations to build automated flows to nurture and engage partners. Their flow builder is visually appealing, making it easy to set up flows to help partners, admins, and sales reps with daily tasks and quickly move them along their partnership journeys. Easily one of our favorite features.
  • Deal Registration: With Kademi’s deal registration feature, you can onboard new partners and enable them to register deals easily. The dealer dashboard is highly customizable, showing several metrics from; active deals, deals won, pending payouts, and so much more.
  • Sales Incentive Program: Build incentive programs for your channel partners to access within their secure partner portal. You can add dynamic components and leaderboards based on your channel partners' pacing toward their sales targets. Your channel partners can also file sales claims to be reviewed and approved within the portal.

Drawbacks With Using Kademi:

  • Although Kademi does have the ability to launch an affiliate program within their partner management solution, they do not currently have access to an internal network of publishers or other potential affiliate or influencer partnerships. You will need to research and recruit these partners outside of their platform to join your affiliate program.
  • If you’re a new startup or small business with a tight budget and a single-person partnerships team, their solution likely won’t be the best fit for you. Their PRM solution works best for organizations that need a customizable program and has invested in channel sales and partnerships.
  • For partnership professionals who haven’t built a channel program on PRM software before, you’ll likely need to commit to their onboarding training program to set up your program correctly. Or you can also use one of their go-to agencies and consultants to help you set up your channel program.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product, features and costs.

Does Kademi offer customer support to their customers?

Yes! The team at Kademi has an excellent onboarding and customer support team to help answer any questions or issues you run into. They also have access to some of the top channel partner agencies who can support you in setting up the Kademi platform, especially if you need additional development support.

How Much Does Kademi Actually Cost?

The standard Kademi PRM software pricing starts at $500/month (1,000 active partners) and increases to $1,250/month (3,000 active partners). Both programs offer you to manage partner data, email marketing & SMS, incentive program management, and much more.

Does Kademi Offer a Customizable Platform?

Absolutely. The Kademi PRM platform is one of the most customizable PRMs today. With the Kademi platform, you can customize everything from the admin panel, partner portal, automated flow journeys, payout methods, deal registration process and so much more. They understand every business has specific needs for their processes, which is why they’ve built a customized solution like this.

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