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What is Reditus?

Reditus is a platform for affiliate marketers in the B2B SaaS sector. With their unique marketplace, you can reach out to new prospective affiliates and grow your business beyond your own network. As with any other affiliate management tool, you can manage relationships, keep track of metrics that are relevant to your business, and initiate payouts towards affiliates when they've reached certain thresholds.

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Reditus Platform Features

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Growann's View

Our opinion on Reditus

Reditus is recognized for its strengths, including a marketplace option, robust tracking capabilities, and value-based pricing, which collectively cater to the needs of B2B SaaS companies looking for efficient affiliate marketing solutions. However, its weaknesses are noteworthy, consisting of the absence of a messaging feature, lack of native Zapier integration, and an inability to white label the platform, which might limit its adaptability for certain users. Unique features that set Reditus apart include its focus on the B2B SaaS marketplace, offering higher recurring commissions for affiliates and helping SaaS companies find relevant affiliates without losing control over their programs. Additionally, Reditus's commitment to accessibility is evident through its entry-level pricing model designed to scale with company growth, and its comprehensive customer support, including live chat for both SaaS companies and partners, underscores its dedication to the mutual success of all stakeholders involved.

What we like:

  • Marketplace option
  • Robust tracking
  • Value-based pricing

What we don't like:

  • Doesn’t come with a messaging feature
  • Does not natively integrate with Zapier
  • You are not able to white label the platform

Unique product features:

  • B2B SaaS Marketplace: with the focus on B2B SaaS and their marketplace they really have a great niche. Allowing affiliates to earn higher recurring commissions and help SaaS companies to find new relevant affiliates. As a SaaS you never lose control who joins your program.
  • Entry Level Pricing: Reditus wants to be accessible for B2B SaaS companies at any stage, this is shown in their pricing model. When you grow your pricing will increase as well.
  • Customer Support: They offer live chat, not just to SaaS companies but also to partners. When partners do well, SaaS companies do well, and eventually, Reditus will do well.
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Reditus User Feedback & Reviews

ID 1001
Shahzaib Javed
Head of Partnerships
February 8, 2024
Reditus has transformed the way we manage incentives [affiliate payouts], making it incredibly straightforward and efficient. What truly sets Reditus apart is its evolving marketplace, which has a profound impact on partner acquisition. This evolution means Reditus is more than just another partner management tool; it's becoming a dynamic ecosystem that boosts our channel revenue through enhanced partner recruitment & engagement.

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