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CJ Affiliate Reviews and Product Information.

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is the best place where affiliate partners and technology work hand in hand to generate better growth and revenue. The results you get are scalable and profitable. In addition, it provides marketers a network to start an affiliate program. Through this platform, marketers can engage with publishers interested in promotions and generate growth and revenue all at once. CJ is one of the world's oldest affiliate platforms, which specializes in pay-for-performance programs. It has some awesome features that distinguish it from the traditional affiliate platforms.

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CJ Affiliate Customers:

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CJ Affiliate's Top Software Integrations:

  • Tableau
  • Shopify
  • 3dcart

Key Features of CJ Affiliate:

  • A Lot Of Options To Choose From: Many of the affiliate programs do not offer this feature. CJ has a plethora of selectable features. You can choose whatever suits you best according to your preferences. You can easily choose what to advertise and where to advertise as a marketer. Plus, you will get to engage with 600 brands. This way, you will have the advantage of premium rates. Also, you will get to experience the premium features of the platform.
  • Real-time Reporting: CJ can provide in-time analysis. The results, the calculations, and the by-products you get will be authentic and credible. Plus, all of these things are done in real-time without consuming much time. This affiliate software documents up-to-the-minute analysis of every single thing. Whenever the activity happens, it is recorded directly at that time. You don’t have to go on and refresh the page again and again. All the information you get is just true in real-time.
  • Deep Link Generator: With this feature, you can generate a deep link for any advertisers you work on CJ. The generation is very convenient and to the point, and you don't have to do much. All you have to do is drag the deep-link bookmark to your recent bookmark browser. As soon as you drag this tab, drop it down onto the dashboard. Now you can choose any of the CJ advertiser pages you want to generate a deep link for. Open this page and click on the upper bookmark to directly link to that page. This feature is most useful for the existing affiliate marketers and marketing to make some good money.

Major Benefits of Using the CJ Affiliate Software:

  • Trusted by the world largest brands for their affiliate needs.
  • Extremely robust reporting infrastructure.
  • Access to trsuted fraud detection software.

Drawbacks With Using CJ Affiliate:

  • The onboarding process can be quite long to get up and running.
  • Platform is built for more experienced affiliate marketers.
  • Affiliate network is historically built for B2C brands, rather than B2B companies.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product, features and costs.

What Does CJ Affiliate do, and How do You Use it?

CJ Affiliate is a platform that helps you manage and optimize your affiliate program. The challenge of running an affiliate program is that you need to know your affiliates well—how they're performing, which are the most effective, and what they're doing to earn their commissions. You also need to make sure that all of your affiliates have access to marketing content and product details, plus any updates or other information that keeps them in the loop. All of this data needs to be available from a single source so that you don't waste time and energy managing data across multiple channels. Enter CJ Affiliate. CJ Affiliate helps you track the activity of your affiliates with insights into how those affiliates are promoting your products and earning commissions for themselves, as well as how much traffic they're sending to your site, who's converting on that traffic, and more. You can use these insights to decide what offers to extend next or which affiliates deserve bonuses for exceptional performance.

What does CJ Affiliate Software Cost?

CJ Affiliate doesn't display pricing for their product, therefore, you'll need to request a demo with with sales team to obtain a better understanding of pricing options.

Does CJ Affiliate have an affiliate network?

CJ Affiliate does have an affiliate network for you to reach out to prospective affiliates. In fact, they are one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks in the world, with over 70,000 publishers, affiliates, influencers, and partners you can reach out to directly through their platform.

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