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September 21, 2022
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GrowthHero Reviews & Product Information.

What is GrowthHero?

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GrowthHero is an affiliate marketing software that helps you manage your affiliates, campaigns, and reports. It makes it easy to track how well your affiliates are performing, so you can see which ones are working hard and which ones aren't pulling their weight. It also makes it easy to find new affiliates to recruit and promote your products, so you can keep growing your business. GrowthHero is great because it has a lot of features that make managing your affiliate program easier and more efficient.

Key Features of GrowthHero:

  • Affiliate Hunt
  • Marketplace Listings
  • Partner Portal
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Email Templates
  • Partner Tiers

Pros of GrowthHero:

  • It lets you see what percentage of affiliates are making sales for each campaign or product, so you can easily identify those who are doing well and those who aren't pulling their weight.
  • It allows you to see detailed information about each affiliate's performance during each campaign period so that you can see where they succeeded and where they struggled, allowing you to better personalize their strategy going forward.
  • It allows you to easily send out emails to all of your affiliates at once, saving you time when sending out updates or important news about upcoming promotions or deals.

Cons of GrowthHero:

  • There's currently no in-app messaging feature to have 1-1 chat with affiliates.
  • Some users have been having issues with the tracking pixel, therefore, having to manually add transactions.
  • Post-purchase modal can only be customized so much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrowthHero software used for?

GrowthHero software is used to build out your affiliate, referral, or partnerships program. You can use GrowthHero to stay on top of affiliate referrals, tracking, payouts, and much more.

How Much Does GrowthHero Actually Cost?

Pricing for GrowthHero can usually vary based on your needs, but it can cost anywhere from $49/month to $199/month.

Does GrowthHero Offer Customer Support?

Yes! GrowthHero does offer customer support to some capacity based on the plan your choose. If you need access to an account manager you'll likely need to pay a higher premium, but it of course depends on the plan.