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Tapfiliate Reviews and Product Information.

What is Tapfiliate?

This is one of the leading affiliate software designed to help people build their customized affiliate programs. It helps advertisers to create referral or affiliate links. Also, it directs the successive generation of revenue as well as commissions. The app also tracks affiliated commissions over the SaaS or ecommerce website.

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Best Alternatives to Tapfiliate:

Tapfiliate's Top Software Integrations:

  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace

Key Features of Tapfiliate:

  • Customized Pay-outs: You can customize the sign-up form used to register new affiliates. It involves deciding what information you'll get and the final look of the form. Moreover, Tapfiliate supports six languages. Therefore, it allows your international affiliates to feel at ease and enjoy convenience simultaneously.
  • Build Your Customized Affiliate Program: You can create your customized affiliate program with Tapfiliate. In other words, the Tapfiliate logo is nowhere to be found. Rather, you get to personalize your affiliate website with your marketing logo. Plus, you can go on and customize your affiliate dashboard to match your brand's preferences.
  • Advanced Affiliate Reporting: In your dashboard, you can quickly build and track affiliate campaigns and access well-organized reports. You can check how many clicks, views, conversions, and conversations your campaign received in this section. You can also look at a specific date or a timeline over a week, month, or year. Furthermore, you can observe how popular your program is worldwide. Last but not least, you can also filter your results and alter your affiliate programs.

Major Benefits of Using the Tapfiliate Software:

  • This affiliate software is straightforward to use. Setup and integration are very easy.
  • The pricing is reasonable compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Tapfiliate enables users to have more than one group of affiliates simultaneously.

Drawbacks With Using Tapfiliate:

  • A learning curve might be involved at first. But when the app is mastered, the interface seems like a breeze.
  • Their are limitations with the conversion tracking.
  • No affiliate network if you want to scale out an affiliate channel.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product, features and costs.

What Does Tapfiliate do, and How do You Use it?

Tapfiliate is a marketing tool for companies wishing to use affiliate marketing, often called partner programs, as part of their marketing strategy. With Tapfiliate, users can add affiliate tracking code to their website or app with just a few clicks. They can easily track which affiliates are bringing them the most revenue, and they can customize links to their site using Tapfiliate's URL builder. For example, if a company has an affiliate program with several partners and they wish to offer each partner a unique sign-up bonus, they can use Tapfiliate's URL builder to create custom URLs for each partner, then link those URLs to their own sign-up page. Tapfiliate also offers advanced features that allow companies to sync up their social media accounts with the Tapfiliate platform and reward affiliates for sharing content on social media. This feature allows a company to post affiliate links directly from the Tapfiliate dashboard and track how many people have clicked on those links from the dashboard as well.

What does Tapfiliate Software Cost?

Tapfiliate has a free trial of 14 days, and then after the trial period, you might have to purchase the full plan monthly. The price can vary between $89 to $149 per month.

Does Tapfiliate have an affiliate network?

Tapfiliate does not have an affiliate network for you to find and reach out to prospective affiliate partners for your program. Their platform is intended for you to use to build out your own network of partners.

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