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What is Affise?

Affise is the best affiliate and partner marketing software for affiliate managers who are looking for a way to track their affiliate performance and automate their program. Affise gives you the ability to manage your entire affiliate program, from start to finish, in one place. You can see who's converting visitors into customers, what they're buying, how much they're spending on your site, and so much more. Plus, it has a built-in CRM that lets you keep track of all of your affiliates, so you can find out how they're doing and follow up with them when needed.

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Affise Platform Features

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Partner Communication Tools
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Affiliate Recruitment Marketplace
Advanced Reporting & Analytics
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Growann's View

Our opinion on Affise

Affise distinguishes itself in the affiliate marketing software realm through a user-friendly design aimed at minimizing the learning curve for new users, accompanied by robust in-built reporting tools for real-time tracking and an intuitive interface that simplifies information access. However, it falls short by being on the pricier side, plagued by occasional in-app lagging issues, and lacking a publisher network, which could impede the expansion of users' affiliate channels. Uniquely, Affise sets itself apart with features such as customizable commission structures, a bonus program to incentivize performance, comprehensive analytics for detailed insights, automation capabilities for efficient operation, and fraud protection measures to safeguard users' interests, offering a well-rounded tool for those navigating the affiliate marketing industry.

What we like:

  • Affise is designed to be as easy to use as possible, so you don't have to spend time learning how to use an unfamiliar interface.
  • Affise has built-in reporting tools that help you keep track of what's happening with your program at all times!
  • Affise has an intuitive design that allows you to quickly find information about your program and its affiliates.

What we don't like:

  • They are on the more expensive side of affiliate marketing software.
  • Some users have reported issues with their in-app pages lagging and loading slowly.
  • They don't have a publisher network you can use to reach out to prospective affiliate partners to help grow your channel.

Unique product features:

  • Custom commission
  • Bonus program
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Fraud Protection

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