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Updated on:
November 15, 2022
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Tune Reviews & Product Information.

What is Tune?

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Tune Partner Marketing Platform is an enterprise SaaS solution that allows businesses to customize their own partner channel programs. It provides a way for businesses to manage their own marketing, with customizable templates and guided workflows that allow the business to tailor the platform to fit their needs.

Key Features of Tune:

  • Partners Program Customization: Tune can provide every kind of partner program according to your requirements. This is one of the key features often lacking at other partner relationship management platforms, but Tune has put this first when building the platform because they understand every program needs some form of customization. Tune also provides its users with a variety of partnerships. These partnerships might include influencers, publishers, media buyers, and many more other networks.
  • Tracking Solutions: Tune provides some of the most accurate tracking solutions. Through their platform, you can track, evaluate and improve the performance of your partners, all with just a few clicks. You can also have help for tracking from mobile measurement without SDK.
  • Partner Management Tools: Often finding the right partners for your business might not be an easy task for you, but Tune PRM, provide you with the necessary tools to build an effective outreach strategy. Their platform provides you the ability to easily automate workflows and payout partners with ease, so you can focus on the more strategic growth of the partner channel management.

Top Platform Integrations:

  • Segment
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce

Benefits of the Software:

  • Straightforward tracking process for CRM.
  • Open API for connecting to your tech stack, which is really important for seamless partner management.
  • Fantastic fraud protection technology.

Drawbacks of the Software:

  • Do not have access to robust affiliate network.
  • Customer success manager does not support you with the scale plan.
  • No affiliate network if you want to scale out an affiliate channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Tune do, and How do You Use it?

Tune is a platform that makes it easy to manage partner relationships and accurately track the performance of those relationships. Tune's platform lets you create custom reporting dashboards that show you what your partners are contributing to your business. You can track all your interactions with partners in one place, and access data about each partner's performance. These dashboards allow you to easily discover which partners are contributing the most to your business and which ones need more guidance or incentives to perform better. In addition, Tune's platform enables you to automate payments based on the performance metrics you set for each partner—which means that it can be used by companies of any size, from small startups to large multinational corporations.

What does Tune Software Cost?

Tune ‎pricing can vary from $599+ per month. Additional deal registration might depend on each feature, and you can ask for the quoted price on their price.

Does Tune have an affiliate network?

Tune does have an affiliate network for you to reach out to prospective affiliates. But, Tunes’s affiliate network is fairly new and is quite small in comparison to other affiliate networks out there. They pride themselves on a small, curated partner network with high impact partnerships.