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September 21, 2022
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RedTrack.io Reviews & Product Information.

What is RedTrack.io?

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RedTrack.io is an affiliate marketing software that is used by affiliate managers to track and manage their affiliate partners. It's important for affiliate managers to use RedTrack.io because it allows them to have a centralized hub where they can see all of their partners' performance, as well as edit how much commission each partner earns. This helps with transparency and fair business practices.

Key Features of RedTrack.io:

  • Real-time data reporting
  • Customizable & flexible reports
  • Accurate tracking
  • No data sampling
  • Referral program management
  • Real-time cost updates

Pros of RedTrack.io:

  • It's easy to set up and use. You can get started in minutes, without needing any technical knowledge or assistance from an IT team. This makes it easier to get results faster!
  • It offers flexibility in how you run your program—you can choose to focus on specific goals or campaigns rather than just signing up as many new users as possible. This ensures that you're able to optimize revenue while keeping your efforts focused on what matters most.
  • It makes it easy for affiliates to recommend products they know will work well for them (and their audience), which means they'll be more likely to promote those products over others they might not be as familiar with yet.

Cons of RedTrack.io:

  • The pricing model is a bit more expensive than other solution on the market.
  • They do not have a publisher affiliate network to build publisher relationships with.
  • The iOS app interface has been known to run into a few bugs here and there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RedTrack.io software used for?

RedTrack.io software is used to build out your affiliate, referral, or partnerships program. You can use RedTrack.io to stay on top of affiliate referrals, tracking, payouts, and much more.

How Much Does RedTrack.io Actually Cost?

Pricing for RedTrack.io can usually vary based on your needs, but it can cost anywhere from $83/month to $624/month.

Does RedTrack.io Offer Customer Support?

Yes! RedTrack.io does offer customer support to some capacity based on the plan your choose. If you need access to an account manager you'll likely need to pay a higher premium, but it of course depends on the plan.