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What is Partnerhub?

Partnerhub is a first-of-its-kind partnerships operations platform for top SaaS and digital agencies. It's like a PRM in that you can manage your entire program from one place, but unlike most PRMs, your partners are also using it to manage their other partnerships. Partnerhub is a place where digital agencies and tech solutions come together to find, vet, deploy and enable as many partnerships as you can handle.

Most PRM's are great for two things; push communication like email blasts or distributing assets, and distributing commissions payouts. Partnerhub covers finding partners, activating them, ongoing communication, project collaboration, document sharing, one-time rewards, automated messaging / alerts, and tracking referrals. Along with integrations with top CRMs and Marketing Automation solutions, most users of Partnerhub find it to be a one-stop shop for their program success.

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Partnerhub Platform Features

After conducting thorough research and a rigorous evaluation process, we have determined whether this software includes the top 5 essential features.

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Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Management
Collaborative Planning & Goal Setting

Growann's View

Our opinion on Partnerhub

Partnerhub excels in facilitating seamless communication among partners with its in-platform chat feature, allows for the effortless setup of spiffs, and fosters connections through its partnership network aimed at matching companies with similar customer profiles. However, it falls short by not supporting custom link tracking, requiring businesses to manage payouts, documentation, and billing for partners independently, and lacks the availability of branded landing pages for partners. Unique features of Partnerhub include an innovative matching system for finding new partners based on customer overlap, the capability for live co-marketing offer setups such as guest blogs and webinars, and a comprehensive tracking system for monitoring the referral journey from lead submission to deal closure, addressing common hurdles in partnership management.

What we like:

  • In-platform chat feature to streamline communication between all of your partners.
  • Able to easily set up spiffs for your partners and payout whenever!
  • Partnership network to connect you with companies with similar customer profiles.

What we don't like:

  • Not able to set up custom link tracking in the platform.
  • You need to handle all payouts, W9s, billing, etc. for your partners.
  • No branded landing pages to provide your partners.

Unique product features:

  • Finding new partners to grow your customer base doesn't have to be hard. Partnerhub helps you find new partners based on overlapping customer profiles with other companies in their network.
  • You can set up live co-marketing offers (guest blogs, webinars, etc.) to share with your partners to get the ball rolling with your partnerships.
  • Have headaches tracking partnership referrals? Partnerhub has taken care of this from lead submission to closed-won deal, every point in the referral journey is tracked.
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