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Everflow Reviews and Product Information.

What is Everflow?

Everflow is a Partner Marketing platform for managing your partnerships, tracking all marketing channels, and amplifying your performance.

Take ownership of your growth: Quickly onboard and manage your affiliates, influencers, referral partners, and strategic partners. Consolidate your partnership and performance channels allowing you to understand the true value from each traffic source, control your attribution, and optimize towards your best performers. Get the attribution and analytics that are the keys to accelerating your revenue.

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Small Business & Mid Market Businesses
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Everflow's Top Software Integrations:

  • Shopify
  • HubSpot
  • Optizmo

Key Features of Everflow:

  • Track every channel: Everflow's tracking starts when users reach your website, letting you consolidate your performance reporting for affiliates, influencers, referrals, and media buying. Having all of this data in one place makes it easy for you to analyze and understand the value from each source of traffic.
  • Attribute unlimited events: Everflow lets you go beyond the sale or lead, and track every engagement that delivers value from your campaigns. Start paying your partners on CRM pipeline stages, approved leads, subscription renewals, and upsells. Understand your traffic better by analyzing engagement around newsletter signups, pricing page visits, and community activity.
  • Scale your partnerships: Better data and attribution empowers you to align your payouts with the partners that drive your best customers, motivating them to ramp up their promotions. Onboard your own partners in a few clicks, give them the tools to be successful and keep growing by discovering new relevant partners in Everflow's marketplace.

Major Benefits of Using the Everflow Software:

  • Tracks every channel and provides unlimited partner management
  • Powerful integrations with CRMs, Shopping Carts, and full access API
  • Makes it easy to view and optimize performance on the placement level

Drawbacks With Using Everflow:

  • Vast number of capabilities can be overwhelming
  • Doesn't provide a massive marketplace for affiliates
  • Lacks robustness for emailer campaigns

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product, features and costs.

What Does Everflow do, and How do You Use it?

Everflow is a platform for advertisers and publishers to automate creating, applying, and tracking partner programs. The platform provides advanced tools for ensuring that you are getting the most out of your affiliate program. The Everflow dashboard lets you view all of your active affiliates and quickly identify the ones driving the most significant profit for you to prioritize them in your marketing strategies. It also monitors how much money each affiliate is bringing in and which campaigns are driving the most traffic. Everflow also has a suite of tools that make it easy to keep track of your affiliate marketing efforts. For example, suppose you want to set up a referral program. In that case, Everflow will automatically generate links for each affiliate in your network, making it easy to create custom URLs that make it easy to manage your partner programs.

What does Everflow Software Cost?

Everflow pricing starts at $750 per month, and if you would like a more “white glove” approach, you must contact Everflow for a customized plan.

Does Everflow have an affiliate network?

Everflow does have an affiliate network for you to reach out to prospective affiliates. But, Everflow’s affiliate network is fairly new and is quite small in comparison to other affiliate networks out there.

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