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September 21, 2022
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Elioplus PRM Reviews & Product Information.

What is Elioplus PRM?

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Elioplus PRM is a partner relationship management software platform, built specifically for B2B SaaS companies. With Elioplus PRM, you can supercharge your partner network by encouraging partners to register deals, distribute leads, manage your content, collaborate in real-time and many more features.

Key Features of Elioplus:

  • Deal Management: Enable your partners to register deals and collaborate with them in each deal by adding notes and documents as you move forward. Set specific timeframes for your partners, track all your current and past deals from a single place, and accept or reject deals right from our system. Triggered notifications will help your partners keep track of their deadlines.
  • Lead Distribution: Elioplus PRM helps you to distribute leads to your partners seamlessly. You can upload a new lead, or pull it from your marketing automation or CRM platform and send it to your partners. Their system will automatically update the status of every lead in both your portal and your CRM so that you have the correct data for use on all of your applications.
  • Integrate your CRM: They offer one-step integration between your CRM and partner management system, so you can pull data from your CRM that you want to distribute to your partners, receive new deals without the manual process or check for duplicate deals without leaving your partner portal. When your partners make a status change then all the deals and leads will be automatically updated on your CRM, so, you won’t miss a thing or view outdated information.

Pros of Using Elioplus:

  • Everything can be customizable in a very affordable pricing
  • Easy to use interface for your partner managers
  • Access to all features with no extra cost

Cons of Using Elioplus:

  • Doesn’t have an in-app messaging feature
  • Partner login page isn’t as customizable as I’d like it to be
  • They don’t have an affiliate network to access

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations on the number of channel partners you can invite to Elioplus PRM?

Yes, depending on the plan you choose, you can invite up to a specified number of channel partners.

Can Elioplus PRM integrate with my CRM system?

Elioplus PRM can be integrated with any CRM solution. They can provide integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot, among others.

Does Elioplus PRM Have an Affiliate Network?

Elioplus PRM does not currently have an affiliate network for you to source new affiliate partners, but they do have a partner matching feature, where they’ll match you with other types of partnerships that may be of interest to your business.