5+ Best Adblock Revenue Recovery Software

Nick Cotter
November 9, 2023
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Facing the challenge of ad blockers, here are the best solutions in ad block revenue recovery software for 2023. Reclaim your advertising earnings with these expert recommendations.

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What Is Ad Block Revenue Recovery Software?

Best Adblock Revenue Recovery Software of 2023:

Don't have time? Here’s our shortlist of the 5 best adblock revenue recovery software I'm ranking through our extensive research and use:

Platform Company Name Best fit for: Base Price: Free Trial? Demo
Admiral Logo
Best Fit For: Ad Blocker Revenue Recovery $120/month true Try it
UniSignIn Logo
Best Fit For: Unified Sign-in Solution £500/month false Try it
Blockthrough Logo
Best Fit For: Ad-block Revenue Regeneration CUSTOM false Try it
Publir Logo
Best Fit For: Online Ad Monetization CUSTOM false Try it
Adpushup Logo
Best Fit For: Web Ad Revenue Enhancer CUSTOM false Try it
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Maximize your earning potential and enhance your online presence with Admiral's adblock recovery platform. Their user-friendly solution helps you reach your intended audience, regardless of adblock usage.
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Our Review of the 5+ Best Adblock Revenue Recovery Software:

Here is our list of the best adblock revenue recovery software.


Image of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of half a star review rating
out of 5

$ Base Price: $120/month

Admiral is a market-leading solution in Visitor Relationship Management (VRM). It offers a marketing automation platform to build personalization and engagement for generating revenue by improving visitor relationships. It makes it easy to place the right offer at the right point. Included in Inc.5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US, Admiral helps publishers build trusted relationships and increase revenue. It offers several revenue-growing modules, such as paid subscriptions, paywalls, and donations. Moreover, you can recover the revenue lost in AdBlock. It also helps retain customers via email signups and social media and manages privacy settings through the Consent Management Platform (CMP). Admiral offers a one-tag solution that you can set up for free. Once you get the revenue potential, you can install and set up modules easily. No developmental expertise is needed.

  • Subscription Management: Admiral helps you build a direct revenue source through paid subscriptions and paywalls. It helps in subscription management, from account creation to generating revenue insights.
  • Adblock Revenue Recovery: It helps publishers multiply their net revenue by recovering the revenue lost by ad blockers. Admiral uses ad-reinsertion technology to deliver lighter, less intrusive ads to the users. It also offers detailed analytics about block rates, revenue losses, and other metrics.
  • First-Party Data: Admiral helps you drive user engagement- and, in turn, revenue- through first-party data, like email signups and registration walls. It improves conversion rate through rightly-placed CTAs.
  • Grow Social Media Following: Social media is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Admiral’s social subscription module lets you do that across several platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Consent Management Platform (CMP): With Admiral’s CMP, you can manage consent and privacy settings per GDPR and CCPA guidelines. It also provides detailed analytics about users’ conversion and consent state.
  • Low Development: Admiral does not require heavy dev. It is a single-tag solution that a publisher can get for free. Also, the VRM modules do not require coding; they can be set up within 24 hours.
  • Promises an increase in revenue by converting visitors into paid subscribers
  • Improves user engagement through email newsletter signups
  • Multiple VRM solutions install with a single tag
  • Payment term is N-50, so it takes 50 days to complete
  • WordPress plugins may slow down the website
  • Not suitable for small publishers
  • MailChimp
  • LinkedIn
  • Zapier

Free Trial: true

Ideal For: Mid Market & Enterprise Businesses

Best Fit For: Ad Blocker Revenue Recovery

Image of software rating badge


Image of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of half a star review rating
out of 5

$ Base Price: £500/month

UniSignIn is a ground-breaking user experience platform for publishers. It helps publishers sustain their publishing and marketing business by leveraging different strategies. Increasing revenue, selling subscriptions, managing user membership, and access to premium content- UniSignIn does it all. It is a universal data platform that collects, analyzes, and activates the first-party data of your users. You can use this data to increase user engagement through personalized offers and experiences. A single dashboard provides all the insights about the user engagement generated through its AI engine.Publishers can use UniSignIn for subscriptions, payment, and identity management. It also increases revenue by sending personalized messages to Adblock and non-consent users. Moreover, it helps build a site community through chat, follow, hashtags, comments, and mentions.

  • Identity and Login Management: UniSignIn automates users' onboarding, offboarding, and identity management across all websites. It also improves the login experience through single sign-on.
  • First-party DMP: UniSignIn collects first-party data with the users' consent. It creates first-party user profiles, segments this data, and targets the audience through it. It helps you provide a one-on-one experience to your users and also connects you with first-party advertising vendors.
  • Improved User Experience: It makes your website more attractive and drives user engagement through its tailored AI engine.
  • Audience Engagement Suite: It provides interactive, personalized campaigns to users based on first-party data segments. You can even create cross-channel campaigns to enhance user experience and increase revenue.
  • Real-time Analytics: A single dashboard features detailed analytics about user engagement. This data helps develop insights to understand your audience better and offer relevant content.
  • Adblock Recovery: Publishers can calculate the traffic lost due to Adblock through the UniSignIn measurement feature. It also generates personalized messages for Adblock users to increase ad revenue.
  • System takes only 10 minutes to install and set up
  • User can manage personalized email communication based on user engagement data segments
  • UniSignIn is an all-in-one platform that handles identity, subscription, payment, and data collection
  • No affiliate network, thus it is not suitable for affiliate channels
  • Many features may confuse a beginner
  • Pro plan has limited features
  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • WooCommerce

Free Trial: false

Ideal For: Mid Market & Enterprise Businesses

Best Fit For: Unified Sign-in Solution

Image of software rating badge


Image of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of half a star review rating
out of 5

$ Base Price: CUSTOM

Awarded Adweek Readers' Choice Best of Tech 2022 award, Blockthrough is an advertising technology solution. Simply put, it helps media companies recover the revenue they lost due to Adblock. It uses cutting-edge ad filtering to cater to users who are selective with the ads they consume. With Blockthrough, you can have the number of visitors that use ad blockers and those that allow Acceptable Ads. It also unleashes your blocked ad inventory using existing demand partnerships, ad servers, and ad stack. You can leave the filtering and compliance to Blockthrough and enjoy the increase in your ad revenue. Blockthrough uses Accelerated Ad Reinsertion (AAR) technology to deliver ads without interrupting the user experience. So, the user sees lighter, less intrusive, fast-loading ads compliant with Acceptable Ads standards.

  • Easy Integration: Blockthrough has a simple and quick integration. Include single-line JS code into the website header, and the solution will plug into your ad server and bidding wrapper. No need for extensive coding or development work!
  • Seamless User Experience: Blockthrough puts forth user choice and experience. Ads are delivered to only those who opt-in to receive filtered ads. Moreover, the ads follow industry standards like Acceptable Ads or Better Ads.
  • Alternative Monetization: Besides Acceptable Ads, the primary solution, Blockthrough, provides other monetization methods. Products like the Donation Widgets and Whitelist Wall help generate revenue from users who have not opted in.
  • Custom Report Builder: Blockthrough collects all the key metrics of your campaigns. You can use the custom report builder to inspect the given analytics and generate insights that help develop advertising strategies.
  • Recover Blocked Ads Revenue: Using its ad-reinsertion technology, Blockthrough recovers your lost revenue. It improves your revenue performance metrics, such as Revenue Per User, Page RPM, and more.
  • Plug-and-Plug Demand: No need for additional work! Blockthrough lets you restore your compliant bids from the existing demand sources. From Amazon to Google Adsense to native ads, seamlessly recover your ad stack.
  • Dedicated account managers help you understand the metrics and design strategies
  • Quick and light integration with a single-line JS code, no dev work is required
  • Blockthrough complies with acceptable Ads standards, ensuring a good user experience
  • Primarily focuses on ad-blocked traffic
  • Not useful for publishers with regular traffic
  • A room of learning is still there, relatively new industry
  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdX
  • Amazon

Free Trial: false

Ideal For: Mid Market & Enterprise Businesses

Best Fit For: Ad-block Revenue Regeneration

Image of software rating badge


Image of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of half a star review rating
out of 5

$ Base Price: CUSTOM

Publir is a unified SaaS-based platform for web publishers, media organizations, and content creators. It focuses on increasing your revenue streams without compromising on the user experience. It has 10+ years of experience in generating billions of worth of impressions.It is a digital monetization tool offering Adblock recovery, ad optimization, subscriptions, crowdfunding, and QuickShop. The goal is to improve your website's appeal to the users, drive more engagement, and generate more revenue. The platform also collects first-party data and generates real-time insights into user behavior. Integrated with premium ad sources, Publir offers ad optimization for your website. Moreover, it helps recover the revenue lost in Ad blocking. It generates reports about Adblock users and sends them a recovery appeal.

  • Adblock Recovery: Publir allows you to measure the number of website users with Ad Blockers. Then, it sends them a gentle recovery message to include your site in the whitelist. You can control the message's content and frequency and track its progress.
  • Ad Optimization: With 150+ ad tech vendors and Ai-driven management, Publir's ad optimization tool multiplies your revenue by many folds. It used strategic ad placement to ensure viewability and improve inventory. Low latency and targeted ads uplift your revenue scale while maintaining the user experience.
  • Subscription Management: Turn your website visitors into loyal members through Publir's subscription model. It develops into a steady and recurring source of revenue. Publir offers a robust subscription Management tool that handles billing, authenticates emails, reports user behavior, and derives user engagement.
  • Publir's QuickShop: Add to your revenue streams by setting up an e-commerce shop on your website through Publir. With simple integration, you can sell anything from a keychain to customized frames to coffee tables.
  • Crowdfunding: Publir helps you develop a direct financial relationship with your most loyal readers/ followers through crowdfunding. It engages users to a great extent and increases your revenue. Also, you can customize your fundraiser design, pricing, and message.
  • Easy Integration: Publir employs a single-line JavaScript code that integrates easily into your website header, header bidding wrapper, and ad server. The solution is up and running in no time.
  • Publir offers real-time analytics to design data-driven user engagement strategies
  • It provides amazing customer service and support to publishers and content creators
  • You can generate a list of shopping habits to customize your QuickShop experience
  • The platform works best on WordPress websites with their WordPress plugin, so if you're a publisher on other platforms, you'll need to install their Javascript code.
  • It would be nice to have a support center displayed within the application when you're first signing up.
  • It's not based on monthly pricing, but rather on a revenue share model. Though, this is quite common for these types of technologies.
  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Shopify

Free Trial: false

Ideal For: Mid Market & Enterprise Businesses

Best Fit For: Online Ad Monetization

Image of software rating badge


Image of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of full star review ratingImage of half a star review rating
out of 5

$ Base Price: CUSTOM

Backed by Microsoft ventures, AdPushup is a one-stop ad revenue optimization platform. It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner suitable for small, mid-size, and large enterprises. It helps web publishers and media organizations multiply their revenue by improving their click-through rate (CTR) and cost per mile (CPM). AdPushup lets you focus on your product and content while handling all aspects of ad services. It offers customizable solutions to increase revenue by optimizing ad layout, bidding, and placement. The visual ad manager allows for creating and deciding the ad's size, layout, and location to maximize yield. It also works with 50+ top ad exchanges, including Rubicon Project, OpenX, and Pubmatic. This partnership helps publishers get their hands on top ads and campaigns with increased demand.

  • Adblock Recovery: AdPushup lets you recover the revenue lost due to ad blockers via its ad reinsertion technology. The ads are user-friendly and comply with the Acceptable Ads guidelines, bypassing AdBlock without disrupting UX.
  • Automated A/B Testing: You can use automated A/B testing to set up high-performing ad layouts. Combined with high-viewability ad formats, machine learning-based testing improves yields from ad impressions.
  • Header Bidding: The AdPushup solution allows you to open your ad inventory to bidding by several demand sources and exchanges. It increases your ad revenue by increasing demand for your impression.
  • Quick and Easy Integration: You don't require any IT expertise or coding background to use AdPushup. Just paste the JS-based code in your website's header, and you are good to go. You also get a dedicated account manager who helps you with onboarding.
  • Innovative Ad Formats: AdPushup prides itself on its innovative ad formats, driving high impact and revenue. It employs ad formats tailored to all devices with maximum viewability and minimum effect on website UX, such as sticky ads, docked ads, or native ads.
  • Analytics Reporting: AdPushup reports key metrics of your ad performance and revenue details, such as net revenue, page views, page RPM, impressions, and eCPM.
  • A dedicated service team helps you with technical and non-technical queries
  • Quick JS-based integration offers fast ad delivery in 15 minutes
  • Users can get revenue for ads blocked by AdBlock
  • Analytics reporting takes a bit long
  • The payment period is 45 days long after the month ends
  • May encounter problems in UTM reporting
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Prebid
  • AMP

Free Trial: false

Ideal For: Small Business & Mid Market Businesses

Best Fit For: Web Ad Revenue Enhancer

Image of software rating badge

Adblock Revenue Recovery Software Pricing.

Compare the various adblock revenue recovery software prices:

Platform Free Trial? Pricing #1 Pricing #2
Admiral true $120/month CUSTOM
UniSignIn false £500/month £2000/ month
Blockthrough false CUSTOM CUSTOM
Publir false CUSTOM CUSTOM
Adpushup false CUSTOM CUSTOM

Adblock Revenue Recovery Software Reviews.

Compare the various adblock revenue recovery software reviews:

Software Customer Support Performance Value Total Product Rating
Admiral 4.8 4.9 4.1 4.4
UniSignIn 4.2 4.9 5 4.7
Blockthrough 4.8 4.4 4.1 4.4
Publir 4.4 4.5 4.1 4.3
Adpushup 4.4 5 4.5 4.6

What is Adblock Revenue Recovery Software?

Does AdBlock Remove Revenue?

What is a Publisher Ad Server?

How to Recover Revenue From Adblock?

How Much Money is Lost to Ad Blockers?

How can Publishers Bypass Adblock Technology?

Important Features to Look For in Adblock Revenue Recovery Software:

There's a lot to pay attention to when it comes to software purchasing decisions. Here’s how we selected the best adblock revenue recovery software:

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