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What is Adpushup?

Backed by Microsoft ventures, AdPushup is a one-stop ad revenue optimization platform. It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner suitable for small, mid-size, and large enterprises. It helps web publishers and media organizations multiply their revenue by improving their click-through rate (CTR) and cost per mile (CPM). AdPushup lets you focus on your product and content while handling all aspects of ad services. It offers customizable solutions to increase revenue by optimizing ad layout, bidding, and placement. The visual ad manager allows for creating and deciding the ad's size, layout, and location to maximize yield. It also works with 50+ top ad exchanges, including Rubicon Project, OpenX, and Pubmatic. This partnership helps publishers get their hands on top ads and campaigns with increased demand.

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Our opinion on Adpushup

AdPushup excels in providing a robust platform for ad revenue optimization with its dedicated service team ready to address both technical and non-technical queries, ensuring swift JS-based integration for quick ad delivery within 15 minutes, and offering solutions to monetize ads blocked by AdBlock. However, it does have its drawbacks, including delayed analytics reporting, a lengthy 45-day payment period post-month-end, and potential issues with UTM reporting. Unique to AdPushup are its innovative features like Adblock Recovery, which uses ad reinsertion technology to recapture lost revenue in a user-friendly manner, automated A/B testing for optimal ad layout performance, header bidding to amplify ad revenue by widening the demand for impressions, and a variety of highly viewable, innovative ad formats designed for all devices to enhance revenue without detracting from the user experience. These strengths and features position AdPushup as a compelling choice for publishers looking to maximize their ad revenue, despite its minor drawbacks.

What we like:

  • A dedicated service team helps you with technical and non-technical queries
  • Quick JS-based integration offers fast ad delivery in 15 minutes
  • Users can get revenue for ads blocked by AdBlock

What we don't like:

  • Analytics reporting takes a bit long
  • The payment period is 45 days long after the month ends
  • May encounter problems in UTM reporting

Unique product features:

  • Adblock Recovery: AdPushup lets you recover the revenue lost due to ad blockers via its ad reinsertion technology. The ads are user-friendly and comply with the Acceptable Ads guidelines, bypassing AdBlock without disrupting UX.
  • Automated A/B Testing: You can use automated A/B testing to set up high-performing ad layouts. Combined with high-viewability ad formats, machine learning-based testing improves yields from ad impressions.
  • Header Bidding: The AdPushup solution allows you to open your ad inventory to bidding by several demand sources and exchanges. It increases your ad revenue by increasing demand for your impression.
  • Quick and Easy Integration: You don't require any IT expertise or coding background to use AdPushup. Just paste the JS-based code in your website's header, and you are good to go. You also get a dedicated account manager who helps you with onboarding.
  • Innovative Ad Formats: AdPushup prides itself on its innovative ad formats, driving high impact and revenue. It employs ad formats tailored to all devices with maximum viewability and minimum effect on website UX, such as sticky ads, docked ads, or native ads.

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