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What is UniSignIn?

UniSignIn is a ground-breaking user experience platform for publishers. It helps publishers sustain their publishing and marketing business by leveraging different strategies. Increasing revenue, selling subscriptions, managing user membership, and access to premium content- UniSignIn does it all. It is a universal data platform that collects, analyzes, and activates the first-party data of your users. You can use this data to increase user engagement through personalized offers and experiences. A single dashboard provides all the insights about the user engagement generated through its AI engine.Publishers can use UniSignIn for subscriptions, payment, and identity management. It also increases revenue by sending personalized messages to Adblock and non-consent users. Moreover, it helps build a site community through chat, follow, hashtags, comments, and mentions.

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UniSignIn Platform Features

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Our opinion on UniSignIn

UniSignIn boasts a brief 10-minute installation time and serves as an all-encompassing platform catering to identity, subscription, payment, and data collection, enabling users to manage personalized email communications grounded on user engagement data segments. However, its drawbacks include a lack of an affiliate network, potentially overwhelming features for beginners, and a Pro plan with limited capabilities. What sets UniSignIn apart are its unique product features like automated identity and login management with single sign-on functionalities, a first-party Data Management Platform (DMP) for audience targeting sans third-party intermediaries, and a sophisticated AI engine designed to enhance website attractiveness and drive user engagement. Additional highlights include an Audience Engagement Suite for tailored, interactive campaigns and comprehensive, real-time analytics to refine audience understanding and content relevancy.

What we like:

  • System takes only 10 minutes to install and set up
  • User can manage personalized email communication based on user engagement data segments
  • UniSignIn is an all-in-one platform that handles identity, subscription, payment, and data collection

What we don't like:

  • No affiliate network, thus it is not suitable for affiliate channels
  • Many features may confuse a beginner
  • Pro plan has limited features

Unique product features:

  • Identity and Login Management: UniSignIn automates users' onboarding, offboarding, and identity management across all websites. It also improves the login experience through single sign-on.
  • First-party DMP: UniSignIn collects first-party data with the users' consent. It creates first-party user profiles, segments this data, and targets the audience through it. It helps you provide a one-on-one experience to your users and also connects you with first-party advertising vendors.
  • Improved User Experience: It makes your website more attractive and drives user engagement through its tailored AI engine.
  • Audience Engagement Suite: It provides interactive, personalized campaigns to users based on first-party data segments. You can even create cross-channel campaigns to enhance user experience and increase revenue.
  • Real-time Analytics: A single dashboard features detailed analytics about user engagement. This data helps develop insights to understand your audience better and offer relevant content.

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