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What is Blockthrough?

Awarded Adweek Readers' Choice Best of Tech 2022 award, Blockthrough is an advertising technology solution. Simply put, it helps media companies recover the revenue they lost due to Adblock. It uses cutting-edge ad filtering to cater to users who are selective with the ads they consume. With Blockthrough, you can have the number of visitors that use ad blockers and those that allow Acceptable Ads. It also unleashes your blocked ad inventory using existing demand partnerships, ad servers, and ad stack. You can leave the filtering and compliance to Blockthrough and enjoy the increase in your ad revenue. Blockthrough uses Accelerated Ad Reinsertion (AAR) technology to deliver ads without interrupting the user experience. So, the user sees lighter, less intrusive, fast-loading ads compliant with Acceptable Ads standards.

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Our opinion on Blockthrough

Blockthrough stands out in the digital advertising arena with its innovative focus on ad-blocked traffic, offering a unique solution to publishers aiming to reclaim lost revenue due to ad blocking. The strengths of Blockthrough include dedicated account managers to support strategy development, quick and effortless integration through a single line of JavaScript, and strict compliance with Acceptable Ads standards, ensuring a positive user experience. However, its primary concentration on ad-blocked traffic may limit its appeal to publishers facing challenges predominantly with regular, non-ad-blocked traffic. Additionally, as a relatively new player in an emerging industry, there is a perceived learning curve associated with mastering its full potential. Unique features such as easy integration, seamless user experience with opt-in filtered ads, alternative monetization methods beyond Acceptable Ads, custom report builders for in-depth analytics, and technology to recover revenue from blocked ads, collectively position Blockthrough as a powerful tool for publishers looking to navigate the complexities of modern digital advertising while prioritizing user consent and experience.

What we like:

  • Dedicated account managers help you understand the metrics and design strategies
  • Quick and light integration with a single-line JS code, no dev work is required
  • Blockthrough complies with acceptable Ads standards, ensuring a good user experience

What we don't like:

  • Primarily focuses on ad-blocked traffic
  • Not useful for publishers with regular traffic
  • A room of learning is still there, relatively new industry

Unique product features:

  • Easy Integration: Blockthrough has a simple and quick integration. Include single-line JS code into the website header, and the solution will plug into your ad server and bidding wrapper. No need for extensive coding or development work!
  • Seamless User Experience: Blockthrough puts forth user choice and experience. Ads are delivered to only those who opt-in to receive filtered ads. Moreover, the ads follow industry standards like Acceptable Ads or Better Ads.
  • Alternative Monetization: Besides Acceptable Ads, the primary solution, Blockthrough, provides other monetization methods. Products like the Donation Widgets and Whitelist Wall help generate revenue from users who have not opted in.
  • Custom Report Builder: Blockthrough collects all the key metrics of your campaigns. You can use the custom report builder to inspect the given analytics and generate insights that help develop advertising strategies.
  • Recover Blocked Ads Revenue: Using its ad-reinsertion technology, Blockthrough recovers your lost revenue. It improves your revenue performance metrics, such as Revenue Per User, Page RPM, and more.

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