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What is Varicent?

Varicent is a sales compensation software that helps you create and manage sales compensation plans for your organization. With Varicent, you can easily create and modify your sales plan in minutes. This includes creating new roles, setting up performance metrics, and configuring rewards based on company policy. Varicent also integrates with other HR & CRM tools to make it easy to track all of your employee data in one place. This means that you can see how each employee's performance contributes to the overall company goals.

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Varicent Platform Features

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Incentive Plan Design & Customization
Sales Performance Tracking
Commission Calculation & Disbursement
Quota Management & Attainment Tracking
Dispute Resolution Workflow

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Our opinion on Varicent

Varicent is lauded for making the reporting of incentive compensation significantly easier and more efficient, with a user-friendly system that provides great flexibility in tracking incentive payments and generating reports. The company is also praised for its excellent customer support, assisting users from initial onboarding through to day-to-day management, and its deep integrations with leading technologies such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and AgentSync. However, Varicent's software does have some drawbacks, including occasional performance report delays, due to the volume of data processed, and limitations in the customization of inquiry workflows. Additionally, potential users must schedule a demo to explore the platform, as there is no direct trial available. Unique features of Varicent include real-time insights into compensation, in-depth coaching reports, territory tracking, and C-Suite dashboard summaries, alongside seamless CRM integrations, which combine to distinguish it in the market of sales commission software.

What we like:

  • It makes reporting incentive compensation much easier and more efficient. Many users have found the system very user-friendly, and the flexibility of the system allows for tracking incentive payments and create reports on the incentive payments.
  • The team over at Varicent provides some fantastic customer support who are there from your initial onboarding to day-to-day platform management.
  • Varicent provides deep and seamless integreations with some of the top technologies used across your sales team including, but not limited to; Salesforce, HubSpot, and AgentSync.

What we don't like:

  • There have been reports from users on performance report delays, but this can be variable, depending on the amount of data that needs to be processed.
  • Some users have run into issues with their inquiry workflows not having enough customization.
  • Unfortunately, if you want to get started with Varicent and test out the sales commission software, you'll need to schedule a demo with their team. This ensures you fully understand the platform's full capabilities and help answer any questions you may have.

Unique product features:

  • Real time insights into compensation
  • In-depth coaching reports
  • Territory tracking
  • C-Suite dashboard summaries
  • Seamless CRM integrations

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