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What is Prismatic?

Prismatic is an integration platform that helps B2B software companies grow their businesses through more seamless integrations with other products. The platform makes it easy for companies to connect their software platforms with other products, whether they are from the same company or not. It gives you the power to reduce your reliance on third-party integration services by allowing you to set up your own system for connecting with other products in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Whether you're looking for a way to connect your sales data with customer service software, or want a way to integrate your product updates into customer support channels, Prismatic has got you covered.

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Prismatic Platform Features

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Growann's View

Our opinion on Prismatic

Prismatic's platform stands out for its immediacy in usability, offering a robust, no-code solution for third-party integrations that also accommodates custom code for added flexibility. This adaptability is further enhanced by the team's commitment to continuous innovation, frequently incorporating user feedback into their regular updates. However, the platform is not without its deficiencies, notably in its testing and logging functionality, which can be unreliable, and its documentation, which could benefit from further refinement. Occasional interface glitches have been reported, though they tend to be resolved swiftly. Unique to Prismatic is its suite of features including an intuitive integration designer, an embedded integration marketplace, comprehensive integration deployment and support, highly secure build environments, and an extensive library of built-in connectors alongside a custom connector SDK, positioning it as a versatile tool for streamlined and secure software integration tasks.

What we like:

  • Prismatic’s platform works right out of the box, meaning, you’re all to begin connecting with different platforms right away.
  • Prismatic provides a no-code solution to build out 3rd party integrations, but if you need more flexibility and need to write some code, you’re also able to accomplish this!
  • The team at Prismatic is constantly innovating based on user feedback, with new features and capabilities pushed live almost every month!

What we don't like:

  • The testing and logging environment can be hit or miss at points, where the testing environment doesn’t work well.
  • Like many other platforms, there can still be room for improvement when it comes to their platform documentation.
  • There have been a few reports of occasional glitches with the interface, but it seems to resolve itself rather quickly.

Unique product features:

  • Intuitive integration designer
  • Embedded integration marketplace
  • Integration deployment & support
  • Secure build environments
  • Built-in connectors & customer connector SDK

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