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What is Cyclr?

Cyclr is an integration platform that makes it easy to deploy new integrations to your customers. Cyclr works with a wide range of applications, so you can build integrations for the apps your customers are already using. You'll be able to leverage the APIs and SDKs provided by those applications, so you don't have to create your own. Cyclr also gives you access to a wide range of capabilities, from authentication and authorization to storage and processing, so you can design the exact kind of integration that fits your needs.

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Cyclr Platform Features

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Growann's View

Our opinion on Cyclr

Cyclr presents a compelling solution for scaling partnership programs and enhancing customer engagement through its ability to facilitate easy and low-risk integration with a vast number of SaaS providers. Its unique drag-and-drop code editor and the capability to implement branching logic in integrations stand out in the market, offering a significant advantage for users looking to customize their workflows. However, the platform is not without its challenges; newcomers might find the initial setup and learning process somewhat daunting, and the platform's documentation can sometimes fall short in utility. Additionally, debugging can prove difficult, especially when updates introduce new bugs. Despite these weaknesses, Cyclr's unique features, including its low-code or API-driven approach, scalable infrastructure, large array of API connectors, and seamless embedding capabilities, make it a noteworthy tool in the realm of SaaS integrations.

What we like:

  • Building out integrations with multiple SaaS providers is table-stakes for a successful partnership program, and with Cyclr, you’re able to more easily scale your programs, relationships, and stickiness with customers.
  • You can integrate with almost any other service, quickly and easily – and with much lower risk than building code from the ground up. Their drag-and-drop code editor is next level.
  • Their ability to build out branching logic for your integrations sets the Cyclr platform aside from many others on the market.

What we don't like:

  • There can be quite a steep learning curve when it comes to setting up the Cyclr platform, and at points their documentation, although in-depth, may not be as useful.
  • Some users have reported it can be difficult to debug errors within certain cycles, and sometimes Cyclr introduces new bugs when an update comes through.
  • It would be nice to see a more novice integration builder process.

Unique product features:

  • Low-code or API driven
  • Drag and drop integration builder
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • 400+ API connectors
  • Seamless embedding

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