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Updated on:
November 15, 2022
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Brandbassador is a community management software that helps eCommerce brands build and grow ambassador programs.
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What is BrandChamp?

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If you're looking for a way to recruit, manage, reward, and track the performance of your ambassador marketing program, look no further than BrandChamp. Their software makes it easy to get started with an ambassador program that will give you the best results. They have a large number of features that allow you to customize your program and make it work for you. BrandChamp was designed to take the hassle out of managing your ambassador program. It automatically generates reports on every aspect of your ambassador program so you can see exactly how it's going. You can also use BrandChamp to create custom reports or export data in any format you want.

Key Features of BrandChamp:

  • Referral Links & Discount Codes
  • Cash & Point Rewards
  • Collect Pics, Videos & Reviews
  • Create Social Activities
  • Build A Rewards Catalog
  • Real-Time Analytics

Top Platform Integrations:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics

Benefits of the Software:

  • They have an incredible customer support team, so you can count on launching successful campaigns.
  • Their unique automations make it seamless to launch and grow an ambassador program for your brand.
  • The platform is quite straightforward and intuitive to use for the most part. Getting up and starting to recruit ambassadors for your program should be relatively easy for most.

Drawbacks of the Software:

  • They could allow for more communication channels within their application to chat with ambassadors.
  • On the expensive side for most newer companies.
  • You're not able to cash in a number of rewards together, so it'd be a nice value-add feature for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BrandChamp offer customer support to their customers?

Yes! BrandChamp does offer customer support to their customers. Based on the plan you choose, you may have access to live-chat, phone, email, or a dedicated account manager for your BrandChamp account.

How Much Does BrandChamp Actually Cost?

Pricing for BrandChamp can usually vary based on your needs, but it can cost anywhere from $195/month to $1200/month.

What is the BrandChamp software used for?

The BrandChamp platform is used primarily to build out your brand ambassador program for your brand. It's a fantastic solution for those who want a streamlined, easy to use brand ambassador platform.