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Updated on:
November 15, 2022
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Greenfly Reviews & Product Information.

What is Greenfly?

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The Greenfly platform is a fantastic community, influencer and digital media distribution & management software. With Greenfly, you can manage everything from your brand's social media accounts to its content strategy through a single platform. You can even send out automated messages to members of your community when they share or engage with your content across various platforms. Greenfly is especially useful for brands that want to grow their following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it also works for those who want their audience-building efforts focused on YouTube or LinkedIn. The platform can be used by companies big or small; it has been used by brands like Burton, San Jose Sharks, and Hashtag Sports.

Key Features of Greenfly:

  • Media Collection
  • Content Distribution
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Crowdsourcing & UGC Collection
  • Private Group Communications
  • Media Analytics

Top Platform Integrations:

  • PhotoShelter
  • PicturePark
  • Widen

Benefits of the Software:

  • You can easily automate the flow and collaboration of your digital media assets to your partners.
  • The platform works great across several different industries such as: sports, franchise businesses, consumer brands, TV and media, retailers, and more.
  • They’re trusted by some of the top brands across the world, including, but not limited to; PSG, ESPN, NBA, and more.

Drawbacks of the Software:

  • If you’re a small business, this may not be the best fit for your business as they’re priced at the higher end of the market for ambassador platforms.
  • There have been a few reports of the app freezing up for consumers, but the product team has likely been quick to jump on these issues to fix them.
  • They don’t currently offer a free trial for their platform. You’ll need to demo the platform first, before making any decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Greenfly offer customer support to their customers?

Yes! Greenfly does offer customer support to their customers. Based on the plan you choose, you may have access to live-chat, phone, email, or a dedicated account manager for your Greenfly account.

How Much Does Greenfly Actually Cost?

Pricing for Greenfly can usually vary based on your needs, but you'll need to request a demo or quote from the team at Greenfly for the most accurate software pricing. They do not disclose this on their website.

What is the Greenfly software used for?

The Greenfly platform is used primarily to build out your brand ambassador program for your brand. It's a fantastic solution for those who want a streamlined, easy to use brand ambassador platform.