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Updated on:
November 15, 2022
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Viral Loops Reviews & Product Information.

What is Viral Loops?

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Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing software program to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch, and referral programs. We love that we can access ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch, and referral programs. It's great that there are so many different ways you can engage your customers and community members with this platform. We also love how easy it is to use this platform. You don't need any coding experience or special skills—just sign up and start using Viral Loops immediately!

Key Features of Viral Loops:

  • Campaign Wizard
  • Endless Templates
  • Viral Loops Pages
  • Integrations
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Giveaways

Top Platform Integrations:

  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • ActiveCampaign

Benefits of the Software:

  • It's a great platform to utilize if you're preparing to launch an app and build pre-sign ups.
  • They have several seamless integrations with some of the leading technology providers.
  • Your entire campaign can be fully customizable.

Drawbacks of the Software:

  • A lot of users have reported issues with Zapier integrations, so something to be on the lookout for if you're a heavy Zapier user.
  • Users have reported broken features within their application such as landing page creation.
  • Their dashboard could be easier to navigate from an admin standpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Viral Loops offer customer support to their customers?

Yes! Viral Loops does offer customer support to their customers. Based on the plan you choose, you may have access to live-chat, phone, email, or a dedicated account manager for your Viral Loops account.

How Much Does Viral Loops Actually Cost?

Pricing for Viral Loops can usually vary based on your needs, but it can cost anywhere from $69/month to $399/month.

What is the Viral Loops software used for?

The Viral Loops platform is used primarily to build out your brand ambassador program for your brand. It's a fantastic solution for those who want a streamlined, easy to use brand ambassador platform.