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What is Opticks?

Opticks is a fraud detection software that uses click tracking to identify fraudulent clicks on your site. Opticks can be used by any business that wants to ensure that its online traffic is legitimate, and it does this by monitoring the clicks on a page and comparing them to an expected distribution of clicks. The software will then alert you when it detects something unusual or suspicious in that distribution.

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Opticks Platform Features

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Real-Time Monitoring & Detection
Automated Fraud Prevention
IP Address Blacklisting
Click Source Analysis
Customizable Threshold Settings

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Our opinion on Opticks

Opticks boasts a suite of strengths such as its high level of customization to suit various business and marketing needs, detailed reporting capabilities from campaign-level data to geo-monitoring, and exceptional implementation support from its team. However, it does have some drawbacks, including a lack of categorization for different verticals within their offerings, a learning curve due to technical jargon, and a pricing model that may be considered steep for some. Unique features that set Opticks apart include advanced bot detection, cross-channel fraud protection, automated detection of invalid audiences, prevention of invalid leads, and refund protection, marking it as a sophisticated tool in campaign management and fraud prevention arenas.

What we like:

  • The team at Opticks provides next-level implementation to ensure you, your clients, and your account management team are 100% properly set up to begin reporting and analysis across your campaigns.
  • The Opticks platform is very customizable to fit your specific business and marketing needs. This is especially important if you’re working across several different client verticals.
  • The Opticks platforms allow you to dig deep in terms of reporting data; everything from campaign-level data, keyword reporting, geo-monitoring, and more.

What we don't like:

  • It would be great to be able to categorize different verticals within their offers and campaigns section.
  • Some of the in-platform verbiage may be a bit technical for some, but after a little while within the platform, you’ll understand more of the terminology.
  • The platform is on the higher side, so you must ensure this is something that would drive true value to you or your customers in the long term.

Unique product features:

  • Bot detection
  • Cross channel fraud protection
  • Automated invalid audience detection
  • Invalid lead prevention
  • Refund protection

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