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What is Adjust?

Adjust is the click-tracking fraud software that helps you track your online advertising campaigns and make sure they're actually reaching the people they're supposed to reach. If you're running a campaign on Facebook, Google Ads, or any other platform, Adjust will help you track how many clicks are coming from bots and how many are coming from real users. It'll also help you see which ads are working better than others—so you can optimize them for increased conversion rates.

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Adjust Platform Features

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Real-Time Monitoring & Detection
Automated Fraud Prevention
IP Address Blacklisting
Click Source Analysis
Customizable Threshold Settings

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Our opinion on Adjust

Adjust is highly effective for analyzing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) across various marketing sources, allowing in-depth insights into performance and optimization needs through its ability to dissect specific pages, keywords, and user behavior. Although its attribution features have room for improvement, they are beneficial for understanding the interplay between different marketing channels, further complemented by its extensive integration capabilities across numerous ad and affiliate networks. However, the platform is not without its drawbacks; extracting CSV files is cumbersome and non-automatable, data reflection in the dashboard can be delayed, and the platform's terminology can initially confuse new users. Despite these challenges, Adjust stands out with its unique offerings, including mobile attribution, CTV AdVision, subscription and ROI measurement, and fraud prevention capabilities, marking it as a versatile tool in the digital marketing space.

What we like:

  • The Adjust platform is very powerful when it comes to analyzing CAC across specific marketing sources. You’re able to drill down into specific pages, keywords, and user behavior to understand which channels perform best and which need further optimization.
  • The attribution features for Adjust still need some improvement (like many other platforms), but it has improved over time and is still quite helpful to obtain a “full picture” of how your marketing channels interact with one another.
  • You’re able to easily integrate and pull in data across many different ad networks, affiliate networks, and other marketing data sources.

What we don't like:

  • Pulling CSV files from the Adjust platform is a pain, and slow, and there is currently no way to automate the process!
  • It can take some time for the Adjust dashboard to reflect the most recent data inputs (e.g. new subscription accounts), which can take up to 24 hours to populate within the account dashboard.
  • The terms and verbiage within the platform can be a bit confusing when you’re first getting set up.

Unique product features:

  • Mobile attribution
  • CTV AdVision
  • Subscription measurement
  • ROI measurement
  • Fraud prevention

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