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What is Improvely?

Improvely is a premier conversion tracking tool for your online ads, marketing campaigns, and affiliate programs. It assists freelancers, startups, small to mid-sized enterprises, and large agencies to optimize their marketing strategies to multiply revenue.Besides conversion tracking, Improvely also monitors click fraud on your PPC campaigns. Improvely saves your budget and maximize clicks, conversion, and revenue. It is a cloud-based marketing analytics solution that helps determine leads from ads, social media, SEO, organic traffic, or affiliate links. Improvely reports all the metrics in real-time, from the number of visitors on your website to the visitors' behavior. It is an incredible, all-in-one tool for marketers, SEO experts, and business owners to make the most of their marketing resources.

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Improvely is a comprehensive software solution for conversion tracking and click fraud detection, enabling businesses to track their marketing efforts and prevent fraudulent activities.
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Improvely Platform Features

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Our opinion on Improvely

Improvely stands out as a comprehensive web-based tool that requires no installation and brings together extensive data from all marketing channels into a unified platform, complemented by A/B split testing capabilities for landing pages. However, it falls short by not offering a demo or video tutorial, lacking live chat support, and being limited to English language only. Its unique features include a robust Click Fraud Detector to eliminate fake clicks in real-time, advanced Conversion Tracking that covers every aspect of a campaign’s performance, an in-depth Affiliate Marketing tool with detailed dashboards, insightful Customer Profiles that analyze visiting patterns and demographics, and precise Link Tracking across various platforms. This blend of strengths and weaknesses, coupled with its innovative features, positions Improvely as a versatile yet accessible tool for marketers looking to optimize their digital campaigns.

What we like:

  • Web-based service; no installation required
  • Gather comprehensive data across all of your marketing channels and into one unified platform.
  • A/B split testing for landing pages

What we don't like:

  • No demo or video tutorial is available
  • No option for live chat
  • Only English (no multi-language support)

Unique product features:

  • Click Fraud Detector: Improvely monitors your ads and marketing campaigns for click fraud, eliminating fake clicks in real time. It detects suspicious activity, such as continuous clicking or non-converting clicks, and blocks fraudulent clicks.
  • Conversion Tracking: The premium tool tracks and reports the conversion and revenue from your marketing campaigns. From the channel generating maximum traffic and conversions to the point of losing customers, conversion reports sum it all up.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Improvely offers a comprehensive affiliate program tool, compiling every detail in an interactive dashboard. You can assess traffic generated by a keyword, conversions, and commission sources.
  • Customer Profile: Get all the valuable insights about your customers with Improvely. It assesses a customer's visiting pattern, generating a customer profile. It tells you about your customer's past visits, conversions, location, and more.
  • Link Tracking: Improvely lets you track your ad links on banners, emails, PPC, and social media. It also determines the source of the leads, regardless of the platform.

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