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What is ConversionFly?

ConversionFly is a conversion tracking and marketing optimization tool for small to large-sized enterprises. This top-notch marketing analytics solution provides you with 21 simple yet actionable metrics to achieve your marketing goals. It serves business owners, agencies, entrepreneurs, and marketers. You can track your traffic, optimize conversions, spot funnel leaks, and design suitable marketing strategies. ConversionFly helps you increase your customers' lifetime value while cutting down the acquisition cost. You can track what conversion you are getting from each traffic source, such as email, paid ads, organic traffic, affiliate campaigns, and web pages. ConversionFly gives you comprehensive reports with detailed insights that you can use to increase ROI with marketing strategies.

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ConversionFly Platform Features

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Our opinion on ConversionFly

ConversionFly stands out for its emphasis on effective marketing campaign analysis, boasting notable strengths such as A/B split testing for optimizing traffic sources, economical pricing plans, and comprehensive comparison reports for an array of marketing metrics. However, its drawbacks include an interface that could benefit from aesthetic enhancements, a lack of tutorial videos for new users, and fewer integrations than its competitors offer. Uniquely, ConversionFly delivers exceptional features like detailed insights into 21 key marketing metrics without overwhelming users with jargon, creates intricate customer profiles that track conversion, lifetime value, and purchasing behavior across campaigns, and ensures lossless conversion tracking that remains accurate across devices and in spite of cookie deletions. Its A/B split testing functionality identifies potential funnel leaks to refine customer acquisition strategies, and the one-pixel solution simplifies conversion tracking and code updates, making it a powerful tool for marketers aiming to optimize their campaigns effectively.

What we like:

  • A/B split testing for traffic source optimization
  • Economical pricing plans
  • Comparison reports for different traffic sources, links, and campaigns

What we don't like:

  • The interface could be more attractive
  • Lack of how-to-use tutorial videos
  • Limited integrations compared to other tools

Unique product features:

  • 21 Key Marketing Metrics: ConversionFly does not confuse you with many terms and jargon. Get a comprehensive report of 21 key analytics that determine the fate of your marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Profile : The software creates a customer profile for each of your campaigns. You get to know their conversion, lifetime value, purchasing history, and if they are in other campaigns.
  • Lossless Conversion Tracking: You can track conversion and lead generation from websites to emails to paid ads. With its lossless tracking, ConversionFly lets you track your customers' conversion even after changing devices or clearing cookies. No more lost conversions!
  • A/B Split Testing: ConversionFly offers you a split test to determine funnel leaks - where you are losing customers. It helps you optimize your marketing plans to improve customer acquisition and increase sales.
  • One-Pixel Solution: ConversionFly has a 1-pixel solution that gives you conversion and tracking in one place. Also, the software has an auto-update feature that eliminates outdated codes, providing ease of use.

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