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Updated on:
September 21, 2022
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Crossbeam Reviews & Product Information.

What is Crossbeam?

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Crossbeam helps companies build more valuable partnerships by providing free account mapping tools, industry-leading networking, and growing integration marketplaces. Sign up now to start mapping your revenue and partnerships, and discover how easy it is to build a more valuable business. With growing integration marketplaces and a huge library of integrations, it’s never been easier to forge valuable partnerships.

Key Features of Crossbeam:

  • Account mapping
  • Analytics
  • Co-marketing

Pros of Crossbeam:

  • Account mapping: Identify overlapping customers, shared pipeline, and more by connecting with partners.
  • Crossbeam makes it easier to get the job done by tapping your network for assists and warm intros with Salesforce, Slack, and other collaborative tools.
  • Integrate Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot and other CRMs to enrich account views with insights from these systems.

Cons of Crossbeam:

  • Currently, there is no functionality to build pipelines with partners and add custom fields from your CRM to the reports.
  • You need to be sure your CRM has clean and up to date information that can be piped into Crossbeam.
  • Searching for partners on their platform is not as easy as users would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Crossbeam do?

Crossbeam provides free account mapping tools, outstanding networking, and growing integration marketplaces to assist corporations in developing more valuable partnerships. Start mapping your revenue and partnerships now to see how simple it is to construct a more valuable enterprise. With a wide variety of integrations and growing integration marketplaces, forging beneficial partnerships has never been easier.

How Much Does Crossbeam Actually Cost?

Pricing for Crossbeam can usually vary based on your needs, but it can cost anywhere from $0/month to $500/month.

Does Crossbeam Offer Customer Support?

Yes! Crossbeam does offer customer support to some capacity based on the plan your choose. If you need access to an account manager you'll likely need to pay a higher premium, but it of course depends on the plan.