How to Find the 'Right' Influencers on TikTok

Learn how to identify the perfect influencers for your brand on TikTok with our comprehensive guide. Find the right fit and reach your target audience.
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By Nick Cotter
Updated Jan 10, 2024

How to Find the 'Right' Influencers on TikTok
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Finding TikTok influencers has become increasingly important in today's digital marketing landscape. As the app's user base continues to grow, TikTok influencers offer a valuable way for brands to reach a wide and engaged audience. In this article, I'll share some effective strategies for identifying and connecting with influencers on TikTok that align with your brand values and objectives.

Understanding the type of influencer you're looking for is crucial. Are you after someone with niche expertise or a content creator with broad appeal? What age range, gender, and location should they cater to? Having a clear idea of your target influencer profile will make the search process much easier, and it'll save you time in the long run.

Additionally, utilizing TikTok's native discovery features is a great place to start. The app's search function, hashtag challenges, and trending topics can all help you uncover interesting influencers related to your niche. By keeping an eye on the platform's trends, you'll gain insight into the type of content and influencers that resonate well with TikTok users. Stay tuned as I dive deeper into the world of TikTok influencer discovery and collaboration!


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Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

To find TikTok influencers effectively, it's crucial to first understand how the TikTok algorithm works. This will help us tailor our search and identify the right influencers to partner with. In this section, I'll walk you through the key aspects of the algorithm and how it finds popular content creators.

The TikTok algorithm is primarily based on user engagement and interaction. It takes into account the following factors:

  • Video completion rates
  • Likes, comments, and shares
  • Account followings
  • Content relevancy

Video completion rates are crucial, as TikTok's AI learns to show content to users who are likely to watch the entire video. This means that videos with higher completion rates often receive more visibility on the platform.

Likes, comments, and shares are also significant in determining an influencer's success, as they indicate direct engagement from the audience. TikTok's algorithm favors content that receives a higher engagement rate, pushing it to more users.

Account followings help TikTok understand the kind of influencers users are interested in. When a large number of people follow an influencer, the app assumes that their content is worth promoting to a wider audience.

Lastly, content relevancy plays an essential role in the algorithm. TikTok wants to tailor content according to individual user interests, which means they'll show content that is relevant to the user's viewing history. The more relevant a creator's content, the better chances they have of reaching a wider audience.

With these factors in mind, one can identify TikTok influencers by analyzing their engagement rates, audience demographics, and content quality. Here's a quick rundown of strategies to find influencers on TikTok:

  • Browse trending hashtags related to your niche
  • Look for influencers with high-quality content and a high engagement rate
  • Search the "Discover" tab for trending topics and top creators

Remember, the algorithm changes all the time, so staying up-to-date with best practices is key to be able to identify and reach TikTok influencers successfully.

8 Strategies You can Use to Find Influencers on TikTok:

1. Utilizing TikTok's Discover Feature.

As a blogger, I've learned the importance of staying up-to-date with social media trends and have gained quite a bit of experience finding relevant influencers. If you're looking for TikTok influencers, utilizing the platform's Discover feature is a great starting point. In this section, I'll walk you through the process and offer some tips to find the perfect influencers for your brand or project.

One crucial aspect of the Discover section is its search functionality. By typing in keywords related to your niche or industry, you can find a treasure trove of content, users, and hashtags connected to your interests. The platform will present you with a list of user accounts and popular videos that include your chosen keywords. You can further refine your search by adding additional filters to narrow down results. These filters will help you uncover influencers who match your target demographics, cater to specific age groups, or even speak specific languages.

With so many creators on TikTok, it's crucial to pinpoint the most influential users for your brand. There are a few key metrics to consider when examining an influencer's potential value:

  • Follower count: This offers insight into an influencer's reach and audience size.
  • Engagement rate: This consists of likes, comments, and shares, which indicate audience interaction and loyalty.
  • Growth rate: This shows how quickly an influencer is gaining new followers, reflecting their rising popularity.

You can refer to the table below for approximate benchmarks:

Benchmark Good Great Outstanding
Follower count 10k - 50k 50k - 200k 200k+
Engagement rate 2% - 5% 5% - 10% 10%+
Growth rate 2% - 5% 5% - 10% 10%+

Once you've identified potential influencers, it's time to evaluate their content. Focus on the following:

  • Relevance: Ensure their content lines up with your brand messaging and target audience.
  • Consistency: Look for creators who post regularly and have a defined content theme or style.
  • Authenticity: Find influencers who genuinely care about their niche and maintain a strong connection with their audience.

Remember, it's not just about numbers; what truly matters is an influencer's ability to resonate with your target audience and create a meaningful impact. So don't hesitate to dive deep into the Discover feature and search for those hidden TikTok gems that will boost your brand's presence and lead you to success.

2. Tapping into Hashtag Challenges.

Success on TikTok relies heavily on staying updated with the latest trends and participating in popular challenges. As someone looking to find influencers on this platform, hashtag challenges can be a valuable resource for spotting potential partnerships. In this section, I'll discuss how you can utilize hashtag challenges to identify TikTok influencers for your brand.

Firstly, it's important to understand what a hashtag challenge entails. These are user-generated campaigns that encourage TikTok users to create and share content based on a specific theme, accompanied by a designated hashtag. Brands leverage these challenges to increase engagement and brand awareness while creating a unique user experience.

To find TikTok influencers through hashtag challenges, follow these steps:

  1. Research trending hashtags: Keep an eye on the "Discover" tab within the TikTok app, where you can find the most popular and trending hashtags. This will give you an idea of which challenges are currently capturing users' attention.
  2. Analyze challenge participants: Once you've identified relevant challenges, go through the top-performing videos associated with each hashtag. These videos often come from popular TikTok influencers who have a large following and high engagement rates.
  3. Evaluate the influencer's content: As you browse through the videos, pay close attention to the content creators' style and how well it aligns with your brand. Identify those influencers who match your desired target audience and values.
  4. Monitor influencers' performance: Track the success of influencers who regularly participate in specific hashtag challenges. By doing so, you'll gain insights into their engagement and growth potential, ensuring an efficient partnership.

To help you identify the most popular TikTok influencers in different categories, here's a table of the top 5 categories and the number of influencers in each:

Category Number of Influencers
Fashion 800
Fitness 700
Travel 600
Food 500
Beauty 400

In conclusion, tapping into hashtag challenges can be a highly effective way to find TikTok influencers who share your brand's vision and can help boost your business. By following the above steps and staying updated on trends, you'll be well on your way to creating successful partnerships with the right influencers. Don't forget to use the table above as a reference point when analyzing different influencer categories!

3. Checking out the 'For You' Page.

One of the best ways to find TikTok influencers is by exploring the For You page. Here, I'll guide you through navigating and using this feature to your advantage when seeking out the right influencers for your brand or collaboration.

Since the For You page is TikTok's primary content feed, it's designed to showcase a wide variety of videos that align with a user's interests. Whether it's trending challenges or popular creators, this page is constantly updated to keep users engaged and entertained. As a result, this is prime real estate for discovering influencers who can elevate your brand or collaboration.

To get started, be sure to engage with videos that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand's values. TikTok's algorithm will then pick up on your activity and suggest similar videos and creators. Continuously interact with content that you find engaging, relevant, and exciting; this will allow the algorithm to fine-tune the For You page based on your preferences.

To make your influencer search more effective, consider the following strategies:

  • Follow popular hashtags related to your target niche or industry. These tags often feature top creators and influencers in their respective domains.
  • Look for creators successfully participating in trending challenges. These influencers tend to be highly skilled at creating viral content, which is valuable for collaborations.
  • Analyze engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares to identify creators with an active and dedicated fan base.
  • Keep an eye out for emerging influencers who show promise through increased engagement, high-quality content, and rapid user growth.

Here are a few additional tips to optimize your influencer discovery on TikTok:

  • Create a separate account solely dedicated to finding influencers. This helps maintain the integrity of your For You page and ensures that the content displayed aligns with your search objectives.
  • Monitor your competitors' content and take note of which influencers they engage with for potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Save videos and profiles of potential influencers by adding them to your favorites. This allows for easy access and reference when evaluating collaboration options.

While browsing the For You page can be time-consuming, it's an excellent way to build a strong foundation in identifying TikTok influencers. By actively engaging with content, fine-tuning your page, and implementing these strategies, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect influencers for your brand or collaboration.

4. Exploring Creators with Top Videos.

Discovering TikTok influencers may seem overwhelming at first, but there's a simple method to find them: explore creators with top videos. To ensure you're reaching the right audience, it's crucial to focus your search on top content in your niche. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find the right influencers on TikTok.

Firstly, take advantage of TikTok's For You page. The app uses an algorithm to provide a personalized feed of top videos based on your interests and recent interactions. By analyzing the creators behind these videos, you'll naturally come across potential influencers to partner with.

To zero in on specific topics, I recommend using TikTok's Discover feature. When you search for certain keywords or hashtags related to your niche, you'll uncover a collection of trending content. Here are some tips on how to use this feature effectively:

  • Utilize relevant keywords associated with your brand and target audience
  • Pay attention to videos with high engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares
  • Browse different hashtags or variations to make sure you don't miss any hidden gems

Recognizing the different types of TikTok influencers will help narrow down your options. Generally, influencers can be categorized into four main groups:

  1. Macro-Influencers: More than 1 million followers, offering massive reach and significant engagement
  2. Mid-Tier Influencers: 100k-1 million followers, appealing to a more targeted user base
  3. Micro-Influencers: 10k-100k followers, known for higher engagement rates
  4. Nano-Influencers: Up to 10k followers, featuring niche audiences with personal connections

By determining your objectives and preferences, you can focus on the category that best suits your needs.

Another effective method is monitoring the competition by following similar brands or businesses on TikTok. Take note of the influencers they collaborate with, as these creators could be potential partners for your own campaigns.

Lastly, don't overlook the power of third-party tools and platforms. Several online influencer databases can help you search for TikTok creators based on their niche, reach, engagement, and other critical factors. Some popular platforms to consider include Heepsy, Socialbakers, and HypeAuditor.

By employing these strategies, I'm confident that you'll uncover a variety of talented TikTok influencers to boost your brand presence and reach your target audience. Remember to stay patient and persistent in your search, as finding the perfect influencer partnership can take time.

5. Delving into Niche Communities.

Exploring niche communities is a fantastic way to find TikTok influencers. Niche communities are often where individuals with specific interests and expertise gather. These communities showcase a variety of influencers with diverse skillsets, experiences, and backgrounds. Let me guide you through the process of delving into niche communities to find the perfect TikTok influencers for your business or brand.

To start with, identify your target audience and the niche communities that cater to their interests. Knowing your target demographic will help you focus on influencers who resonate with your audience. Remember, it's not just about the number of followers but also the quality of their engagement.

After pinpointing your target niche, search for hashtags related to that community. Hashtags are an excellent way to discover influencers by sorting through TikTok's vast array of content. Make use of TikTok's search functionality, which allows users to search by hashtags, keywords, and phrases. Keep a lookout for trending hashtags related to your niche.

You can also participate in niche-specific challenges. TikTok influencers often engage in viral challenges that are relevant to their niche, which is an excellent way for users to discover them. By participating in these challenges, you'll be exposed to potential influencers and their content.

Here are some tactics to try when delving into niche communities:

  • Engage with other users in the niche community.
  • Follow relevant accounts.
  • Comment on videos of potential influencers.
  • Share and duet TikTok content.
  • Attend virtual events, meetups, and workshops related to your niche.

There are many benefits to collaborating with niche TikTok influencers:

  1. Niche influencers often have a dedicated and loyal following, meaning they have a higher level of engagement than their generalist counterparts.
  2. These influencers are seen as experts in their specific field and carry more weight in their recommendations, which translates to increased trust and credibility.
  3. Partnering with influencers in a niche community allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns and messaging more precisely to your target audience.

At the end of the day, finding TikTok influencers in niche communities requires time, effort, and research. Remember, partnering with the right influencer has the potential to bring exceptional results for your brand or business. So, be diligent, patient, and enjoy the journey of discovering hidden gems within the depths of TikTok's niche communities.

6. Observing Competitors and Brand Collaborations.

Finding the most suitable TikTok influencers for your brand can be a game-changer, and observing competitors and brand collaborations is an excellent approach. By keeping track of the influencers your competitors are partnering with, you can identify the types of content creators that resonate with your target audience.

Start by following your competitors on TikTok and monitoring their posts. This way, you'll be able to see the influencers they're working with and analyze the offerings of those creators. Additionally, don't forget to:

  • Look at the hashtags used in sponsored content
  • Pay attention to influencer partnerships and collaborations
  • Assess the engagement rates of these sponsored posts

Understanding what's working for your competitors and which influencers are creating valuable content will help you prioritize your outreach. Remember, sometimes it's not only about the sheer number of followers - engagement and content quality are crucial factors as well.

Another effective strategy is to focus on how brands successfully collaborate with TikTok influencers. As a marketer, you should:

  • Browse TikTok's For You Page (FYP) to find trending content and branded posts
  • Observe the collaborations between similar non-competitor brands and influencers
  • Look for creative ideas and inspiration on how to work with influencers

By examining these successful brand collaborations, you'll be able to see what kind of content works best with your target demographic, making it easier to choose the influencers that align with your brand.

Here are a few techniques to consider when observing brand collaborations:

  • Evaluate the influencers' content to check if it's consistent with your brand's values
  • Determine whether the influencers have a strong engagement rate, which is an indication that their audience is invested in their content
  • Monitor influencers' growth trajectory to ensure they have a growing, loyal fanbase

Don't be afraid to cast a wide net in your search for TikTok influencers. As you explore various content creators, you'll find those who align with your brand. Remember that finding the ideal influencers is not a one-size-fits-all process. Stay diligent and keep evaluating both competitors' partnerships and successful brand collaborations to make informed decisions and choose the best candidates for your influencer marketing campaigns.

7. Monitoring Trends and Memes.

When trying to find TikTok influencers, keeping up with current trends and memes is essential. I've discovered that this is one of the best ways to identify popular content creators who are a great fit for your brand or collaboration. Here, I'll discuss some strategies to monitor trends and memes on TikTok.

First and foremost, pay attention to the For You page on TikTok. This page features a curated selection of videos that the platform believes will interest you. It's an excellent place to spot trending content. As I engage with more videos, the algorithm gets better at showing relevant content, making it easier to discover influencers and trends.

Another effective method is to track viral hashtags. I often focus on hashtags related to my niche or interest, and by doing so, I can quickly identify creators who consistently participate in trending challenges or discussions.

Make use of TikTok analytics tools to gather insights and data about trending content and popular creators. There are several tools available, like:

  • SocialPilot
  • Pentos
  • Socialinsider

These tools provide valuable information such as follower growth, engagement rates, and popular content, which can be used to identify potential TikTok influencers.

Regularly visit industry websites and blogs to stay informed about the latest TikTok trends and memes. Trustworthy sources will often feature content creators who are making a significant impact in their niche. It's also a good idea to follow popular TikTok accounts that share industry news, tips, and trends.

I recommend creating a list of potential influencers based on the findings from your research. Take note of important details like follower counts, engagement rates, and niches. Review the influencers' content to ensure they align with your brand and objectives. 

You can use this table template to track influencer data:

  • Influencer name
  • Follower count
  • Engagement rate
  • Niche

Lastly, join communities related to your niche or industry. Engage in discussions within communities like Facebook groups, Reddit forums, or Twitter Spaces. Networking within these circles can introduce you to influencers you might not find through regular TikTok browsing.

In summary, discovering TikTok influencers can be a breeze if you consistently monitor trends and memes on the platform. Keep your research up to date, and you'll be able to spot potential collaborators in no time.

8. Leveraging TikTok Analytics.

Discovering the right TikTok influencers for your brand or campaign is easier when you leverage TikTok Analytics. In this section, I'll guide you through the process of using these analytics to find the most suitable influencers for your needs.

First, it's essential to understand the For You page on TikTok. This is a customized feed generated by the platform's algorithm, which surfaces content and influencers based on user preferences. By regularly browsing the For You page, you can identify TikTok influencers who are popular in your target niche.

Another valuable tool in your search for TikTok influencers is the app's search function. You can search for specific keywords related to your brand or product to find influencers creating content in that area. Also, be sure to explore popular hashtags and challenges relevant to your niche, as these can lead to potential influencer partnerships.

TikTok Analytics provides you with valuable insights on influencer performance, such as:

  • Engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares)
  • Follower growth over time
  • Content performance (views, average watch time)

Consider using third-party analytics tools that specialize in influencer analysis. These tools can help you further narrow down your search by providing more in-depth data on influencer performance, audience demographics, and more.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when leveraging TikTok Analytics:

  • Engagement rate: An influencer's engagement rate can be calculated by averaging their total number of likes, comments, and shares per post, divided by their total followers. This metric provides insight into how actively their audience interacts with their content.
  • Content relevancy: Ensure the influencers you consider align with your brand identity and target audience. Evaluate if their content consistently resonates with users who would potentially be interested in your products or services.
  • Influencer authenticity: Be on the lookout for influencers who have grown their following organically, without resorting to fake followers or engagement. Authentic influencers generally have a highly engaged and loyal fan base.

To sum up, leveraging TikTok Analytics is a vital aspect of finding the right TikTok influencers. By understanding the For You page, utilizing the search function, and using third-party analytics tools, you can streamline your search and ultimately select the most suitable influencers for your campaign. Remember to evaluate engagement rates, content relevancy, and influencer authenticity as you go along. Happy hunting!


Throughout this article, I've covered the various strategies and tools essential for finding TikTok influencers. Now, it's time to bring everything to a close. By using these methods and refining your search, you're on the way to finding the perfect TikTok influencers for your brand or campaign.

To recap, here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • TikTok Influencer marketing can significantly boost your online presence and create lasting partnerships
  • Using TikTok's Discover page is a straightforward way to find popular users in your niche
  • TikTok's Creator Marketplace provides a valuable resource to find and collaborate with relevant influencers
  • Third-party platforms and tools can save time and provide deeper insights into influencer's audience and metrics
  • Thorough research, monitoring, and engagement are essential to maintain fruitful relationships with influencers

As you venture into the rapidly expanding world of TikTok influencer marketing, keep these tips and insights in mind. By implementing these strategies, you'll set yourself up for success in finding and partnering with TikTok influencers who align with your brand and objectives.

In today's digital landscape, harnessing the power of TikTok influencers is an effective and engaging way to reach your target audience. So take advantage of this booming platform and elevate your brand's presence by connecting with the right influencers. Good luck, and happy influencer hunting!

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