Affiliate Marketing Services

Get found across the sites, blogs, and channels your customers know and trust the most.

Program #1:
Growann Affiliate Launch Program

For the B2B technology companies that don’t have an active affiliate program today and are unsure where to start, our team will build out the following for you:

  • Sets up your program to correspond with channel goals
  • Develops a unique program strategy for your brand
  • Helps implement best tracking and technology platforms
  • Recruits top affiliate partners that align with you goals
  • Advises on the T&Cs needed for your program
  • Consistently communicating, and nurturing partnerships
  • Monitor, report, and optimize ROI across partnerships

Program #2:
Growth Acceleration Affiliate Program

For B2B technology companies who have an affiliate program in place today, but is currently on autopilot and needs a growth acceleration, our team will help you to:

  • Identify key opportunities for incremental growth
  • Leverage existing Growann partnerships to accelerate placement activities
  • Re-activate stagnant affiliates with incentive based promotions
  • Identify and restructure top-tier affiliate partner payouts
  • Expand and recruit more relative partners that can contribute to channel growth
  • Negotiate placement activities on behalf of client