How to Find Affiliates on Instagram

Discover the secrets of affiliate marketing on Instagram with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to leverage Instagram's Creator Marketplace, monitor stories and highlights, collaborate with Creator Agencies, and more to find the perfect affiliates for your brand's success.
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By Nick Cotter
Updated Mar 25, 2024

How to Find Affiliates on Instagram
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Let’s say I’m tasked with recruiting more affiliates to our affiliate program.

A channel I’d likely go to first is Instagram.


Well, according to Zippia, there are over 500k professional Instagram creators.


Now the question is, how do you find these affiliates on Instagram?

Well, let me share some tactics that come to mind if I were in your shoes.

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10 Strategies I Found to Find Instagram Affiliates

To provide concrete examples for each strategy, let's illustrate how they might be implemented in the context of a hypothetical brand, "EcoEssentials," a company specializing in eco-friendly personal care products.

These examples will guide you in identifying potential affiliates on Instagram.

1. Influencer Collaboration Posts.

Search for influencers who already post content relevant to your niche.

Look at who they're collaborating with and the hashtags they use. Influencers often network with others in their niche, making this a goldmine for potential affiliates.

Instagram Brand Collaboration

Example: EcoEssentials could search for influencers who post about sustainable living, using hashtags like #SustainableBeauty or #EcoFriendlyLiving.

A post where an influencer collaborates with a similar brand, using a hashtag like #GreenBeautyCollab, could indicate a good potential affiliate.

2. Instagram Stories and Highlights.

Monitor stories and highlights of potential affiliate partners. Affiliates often use these features to promote products or brands they're passionate about. Reach out to those who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for products similar to yours.

Instagram Affiliate Stories

Example: Look for stories or highlights where users review eco-friendly products, demonstrate their daily eco-friendly routine, or share tips on sustainable living.

These users might highlight their favorite products, including "Swipe Up" links or product tags, showing their willingness to promote brands they believe in.

3. Niche-Specific Hashtag Searches.

Go beyond generic hashtags. Dig into niche-specific hashtags that are unique to your product or service. This method helps in finding content creators who are deeply engaged with a specific audience that might resonate with your brand.

Instagram Affiliate Hashtag search

Example: Use niche-specific hashtags like #ZeroWasteBeauty or #PlasticFreeLiving to find content creators passionate about the same values as EcoEssentials.

Creators using these hashtags are likely deeply engaged with an audience interested in eco-friendly products.

4. Engagement in Industry-Related Discussions.

Participate in or monitor discussions related to your industry on Instagram.

Look for users who actively contribute valuable insights and show a deep understanding of the niche. They can be potential affiliates with a trusted voice.

Instagram Affiliate comment

Example: Participate in discussions under posts tagged with #EcoFriendlyTips or #SustainableSwap. Identify users who provide insightful comments and seem to have a good understanding of sustainability.

These individuals could be potential affiliates with a trusted voice within the community.

Instagram prospective affiliate

5. Instagram Live Sessions.

Attend or host Instagram Live sessions relevant to your industry. These sessions are opportunities to interact with potential affiliates in real-time, understand their interests, and gauge their influence.

Example: Attend live sessions hosted by eco-friendly influencers or host your own, discussing topics like "The Future of Sustainability" or "Eco-Friendly Home Swaps." Engage with participants who show enthusiasm and knowledge, considering them for affiliate partnerships.

6. Affiliate Networks and Platforms.

Explore affiliate networks and platforms that specialize in connecting brands with Instagram influencers.

These platforms can provide a streamlined way to discover and connect with potential affiliates who have already expressed interest in partnership opportunities.

Example: To connect with Instagram influencers passionate about eco-friendly products, EcoEssentials should explore platforms like Heepsy, Upfluence, and Aspire.

These platforms are adept at matching brands with content creators based on niche interests, such as sustainability and eco-friendly living.

By listing their campaign on these platforms, EcoEssentials can efficiently find influencers who have a genuine interest in sustainable brands and are eager to share these products with their audience.

7. Competitor Affiliate Analysis.

Analyze your competitors' affiliates by examining their Instagram profiles. This strategy can reveal influencers who are already familiar with affiliate marketing and may be open to new collaborations, especially if you offer better terms or a more aligned brand vision.

Example: Review the Instagram profiles of affiliates working with competing brands in the eco-friendly space.

Instagram Competitor Affiliate

Look for influencers who have a history of promoting similar products and might be interested in forming new collaborations that align with their values.

8. Direct Outreach via DMs.

Craft personalized Direct Messages (DMs) to potential affiliates.

Highlight what you admire about their content and explain why a partnership could be mutually beneficial. Personal touches can significantly increase your success rate.

Example: After identifying potential affiliates, send them personalized DMs. For instance, message a content creator who frequently posts about reducing plastic use, complimenting their efforts and suggesting a collaboration with EcoEssentials to promote a line of plastic-free personal care products.

9. User-Generated Content Contests.

Host contests that encourage user-generated content, specifying that participants use a specific hashtag. Review the submissions to identify passionate users who create high-quality content and could be potential affiliates.

Example: Host a contest asking followers to share their favorite eco-friendly swap using a specific hashtag, like #EcoEssentialsSwap. Review the submissions to find engaged users who create compelling content that aligns with your brand's mission, and consider them for affiliate opportunities.

10. Instagram Creator Marketplace.

Utilize the Instagram Creator Marketplace to discover and connect with potential affiliates. This platform provides a streamlined way to identify content creators who align with your brand and are open to collaboration opportunities.

Instagram's Creator Marketplace

But you’ll need to request to join the Creator Marketplace, in which your application may not be approved.

Example: Browse through the Instagram Creator Marketplace to find influencers who specialize in eco-friendly living, sustainable fashion, or related topics. Look for creators who have a demonstrated interest in promoting products similar to yours.

11. Instagram Creator Agencies.

Collaborate with Instagram Creator Agencies to access a curated network of influencers and content creators.

These agencies specialize in connecting brands with influencers who can effectively promote products or services to their engaged audiences.

Here’s a shortlist of influencer agencies:

Example: Partner with reputable Instagram Creator Agencies that focus on eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable fashion, or related niches. These agencies have expertise in identifying influencers who are passionate about promoting brands with similar values.

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