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What is TinyURL?

TinyURL helps you create shorter links. Whenever you want to share a link on social media, you probably want it to be as short as possible. That's where TinyURL comes in. It allows you to take a long URL and convert it into a shorter one—one that doesn't have all those extra letters and numbers that nobody wants to type out.

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TinyURL Platform Features

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Real-Time Link Tracking & Analytics
Custom Link Creation & Shortening
UTM Parameter Management
Conversion Tracking & Attribution
Click Fraud Detection

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Growann's View

Our opinion on TinyURL

TinyURL stands out in the crowded space of link management services by offering a user-friendly platform where users can immediately start creating short URLs without the need to sign up, alongside a simple signup and analytics tracking for those who choose to create an account. Its competitive pricing structure further appeals to a broad user base, ensuring affordability as their requirements scale. However, TinyURL's platform could benefit from user interface improvements and lacks analytics access in its free version, posing a downside for users seeking insights without financial commitment. Additionally, some platforms may not favor the formatting of TinyURL's links. Unique to TinyURL, it offers the capability to create branded and custom short URLs to enhance trust with customers, and its comprehensive analytics dashboard delivers extensive data on marketing campaign performance across various metrics, setting it apart from competitors in terms of both functionality and user trust.

What we like:

  • You can get started right away with their URL link builder without the need to create an account.
  • The signup and analytics tracking process is really straightforward to use for most users.
  • Their pricing is definitely eye-catching for most users and scales nicely as you grow too.

What we don't like:

  • Their UI could use some improvements compared to other link tracking platforms.
  • You are not able to view analytics with the free version of their software.
  • Some platforms don’t like the formatting of TinyURLs’ link builder.

Unique product features:

  • Link management services by TinyURL.com allow you to manage long URLs in your email marketing, social media, and other customer communications.
  • Unlike other link tracking software out there, with TinyURL, you can create branded and custom short URLs that your customers or users will trust.
  • TinyURL's analytics dashboard provides you with a broad array of information, including data points that show how your marketing campaigns are performing across channels, regions, countries, and more.
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