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What is Jasper?

Jasper AI is a copywriting software that analyzes your content and then writes new, similar content for you. It's not just a robot that can spit out words—it actually thinks about what it's writing, so that the new text will be relevant to the topic being discussed. It uses machine learning to analyze your website's existing content, as well as its competitors' content, and then creates new, relevant copy using that information.

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Jasper Platform Features

After conducting thorough research and a rigorous evaluation process, we have determined whether this software includes the top 5 essential features.

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AI-Powered Writing Assistance
Grammar & Spell Check
SEO Optimization Tools
Content Templates & Frameworks
Tone & Style Guides

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Our opinion on Jasper

Jasper offers a range of strengths including the ability to quickly generate basic articles in as little as 30 seconds using its recipes, and it boasts a superior headline and meta description generator, recognized as one of the best available today. Additionally, the AI's performance improves over time, enhancing content quality with increased usage. However, Jasper's weaknesses include a minimal customer service team, leading to a primarily self-service experience, a tendency to produce inaccurate facts or statistics necessitating fact-checking, and occasional content repetition that can deplete user credits. Uniquely, Jasper features an array of product offerings such as a paragraph generator, text summarizer, capabilities for producing long-form content, an art generator, and support for over 29 languages, distinguishing it within the market of AI writing tools.

What we like:

  • You can write up a basic article within a matter of 30 seconds with their recipes.
  • Jasper's headline and meta description generator is one of the best on the market today.
  • The ai gets smarter as you use it more often, so quality starts to increase with time.

What we don't like:

  • They don't really have much of a customer service team as it's relatively self-service.
  • It tends to provide inaccurate facts or statistics, so you'll need to double check their references or provide new ones.
  • Sometimes the ai repeats itself a lot causing you to use up your credits if you don't ask for a refund.

Unique product features:

  • Paragraph generator
  • Text summarizer
  • Long form content
  • Art generator
  • 29+ languages

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