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What is Airbase? is a financial management platform designed to simplify the way businesses manage their finances. Airbase provides users with a suite of features that enable them to manage their finances more efficiently and effectively.The platform provides users with an automated expense management system that allows them to track and manage expenses quickly and easily. Users can create, manage and approve expenses from any device, and Airbase will automatically generate reports and track expenses in real-time.In addition, Airbase provides users with a budgeting and forecasting tool that helps them better understand their financial performance and plan for the future. This feature allows users to create budgets and forecast cash flow, income and expenses over a period of time. The platform also provides users with a powerful reconciliation and accounts payable automation feature. This feature enables users to automate the reconciliation of their bank accounts, credit cards and accounts payable processes, making it easier to stay on top of their finances.Finally, Airbase provides users with automated payment processing, allowing them to securely and quickly send payments to vendors and customers. This feature helps to streamline the payment process, eliminating the need to manually process payments.

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Airbase Platform Features

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Our opinion on Airbase

Airbase is celebrated for its automation of financial operations, such as expenses, invoices, and vendor payments, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. Its support for multiple currencies and the ability to issue virtual cards for secure online transactions cater to the global and digital needs of businesses. However, its limitations emerge with restricted system integrations, insufficient reporting capabilities, and inadequate support that may not meet the diverse needs of all businesses. Uniquely, Airbase stands out as a comprehensive web-based finance platform offering automated reconciliation, efficient corporate card management with smart spend controls, real-time analytics for informed decision-making, and streamlined expense management, all designed to optimize financial operations and cash flow management.

What we like:

  • Automation: Airbase automates financial operations such as expenses, invoices and vendor payments, which helps to reduce errors, increase efficiency and save time.
  • Multi-Currency support: Airbase supports multiple currencies, which allows businesses to manage their financial operations across different regions and countries seamlessly.
  • Virtual card support: Airbase can issue virtual cards to employees for online purchases and subscriptions, providing an additional layer of security, and cost management.

What we don't like:

  • Limited Integrations: While Airbase has some integration capabilities, it may not be able to integrate with all the systems that a business may be using.
  • Limited Reporting Capabilities: Some users may find that the platform's reporting capabilities are limited and may not be able to fulfill their specific reporting needs.
  • Limited Support: Some users may find that the level of support provided by Airbase is not sufficient to meet their needs.

Unique product features:

  • Airbase is a web-based finance and spending platform that helps companies streamline their finances, automate payments, and manage their cash flow. The platform offers features such as automated expense tracking and approval, real-time budgeting, virtual cards and banking, and integrations with other financial services.
  • Automated Reconciliation: Airbase provides automated reconciliation for all corporate cards, bank accounts, and more.
  • Corporate Card Management: Airbase provides an efficient way to manage corporate cards, with features such as smart spend controls, budgeting, and access to real-time data.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Airbase provides real-time insights into spending, enabling better decision making and cost savings.
  • Expense Management: Airbase simplifies the expense management process with features such as automated receipt capture, policy enforcement, and integrated approvals.

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