How to Grow Affiliate Channel Revenue in 2024

This exclusive on-demand series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the pivotal strategies and methodologies adopted by leading B2B partner executives. Engage with compelling dialogues that reveal the underpinnings of successful partner engagement, from innovative recruitment tactics to motivational frameworks and revenue-driving techniques with channel partners.
  • Close CRM's Journey to 300+ quarterly referrals
  • How to go from 0 to 50 agency partners in 7 months
  • Cultivating value-driven B2B affiliate partnerships with Expandi
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Our speakers

James Urie
Sr. Partner Manager
Close CRM
Alicia Gan
Partner Manager
Shahzaib Javed
Head of Partnerships

Who is this for?

This interview series is an essential resource for anyone looking for b2b affiliate program growth tactics. Whether you're just starting a program for your SaaS or looking to elevate it, this 3-part interview series is for you.

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